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07.05.2018, 14:39

I. Metshin: “Sergey Ashikhmin's feat will not be forgotten”

The exposition in honor of the Hero of Russia, who died during the counter-terrorist operation, was opened at school №130.

(KZN.RU, May 7, Ekaterina Vislavskaya). Today an exhibition in honor of Major Sergey Ashikhmin, the Hero of Russia, was opened in the school №130 of the Moskovsky district of Kazan. Ilsur Metshin, the Mayor of Kazan, thanked the family of the soldier who died heroically during the special operation in 2012.

Sergey Ashikhmin, while serving in the Office of Special Operations of the Special Purpose Center of the FSB of Russia, was sent to Kazan to participate in the counterterrorism operation “Edelveis”. Radicals planned the terrorist attack, deciding to coincide it with the holiday of Kurban Bairam. On October 24, law enforcement bodies overtook them in a safe house on Khimikov Street. During the assault, Sergey Ashikhmin noticed an explosive device in the hands of one of the two intruders, rushed to him and covered himself. As a result of the blast, both died on the spot, several more officers were injured. The survivor opened fire but was immediately disarmed. By the price of his life, Sergey Ashikhmin saved his colleagues and prevented the terrorist attack. Residents of the house were evacuated to school №130. The soldier was awarded medals “For Courage” and Suvorov’s. On December 14, 2012, he was posthumously awarded the title of Hero of the Russian Federation by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation for the courage and heroism shown in the performance of his duty.

Opening the ceremony, the Mayor of Kazan thanked the parents of Sergey Ashikhmin for the heroic deed of his son and on behalf of the city's residents promised that he would not be forgotten. “In 2012, he saved our peaceful life with his own life. It's hard to imagine the consequences if Sergey Ashikhmin, along with his comrades-in-arms, did not prevent this attack”, he said.

Dinar Khamitov, the head of the Department of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation for the RT, said that the department takes patronage over the school №130 and encouraged its students to be worthy of the name of the Hero of Russia. “I think that now it is our common cause to bear the name of the school, the title of Hero of Russia, the name of Sergey Ashikhmin. It obliges you to do a lot: to study well, to become a fine citizen of Russia, to serve your motherland worthily”, he said.

The event was attended by relatives of the deceased soldier and his colleagues: Elena Ashikhmina, the widow of Sergey, the children Anna and Matvei.

Then the honorary guests laid flowers to the commemorative plaque in honor of the Hero of Russia, installed at the entrance to the school, and walked into the building. The exposition in honor of Sergey Ashikhmin was opened on the basis of the Museum for the defenders of the Fatherland, which exists since 2009. A story about the life and career path of the Hero of Russia is told on the stands and the screen. Copies of letters, medals and other awards that Sergey Ashikhmin received over the years of service are presented in the windows under the glass.

Anatoly Ashikhmin, the father of Sergey Ashikhmin, the retired lieutenant colonel, addressed the leadership of the city with the words of gratitude for the decision to perpetuate the memory of the soldier in the museum. Ilsur Metshin promised that this work will not be limited to the opening of the memorial board and the exposition. “It was very hard for me to talk today. We thought about how to perpetuate the memory of the hero, but then decided this should be a school. Children will grow up and be brought up with this feat”, he said. “Dear parents, dear family, children, this is only the first step in our respect for the memory of your son, our hero! We will honor and do everything in order that his name may live forever!”

Lyudmila Andreeva, the deputy head of Kazan Municipality, Ilnar Khidiyatov, the head of the Department of Education of Kazan, Sergey Mironov, the head of Kirovsky and Moskovsky districts’ administration, and others also attended the event.

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An exposition in honor of Sergey Ashikhmin, the Hero of Russia, opened at the school №130
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07.05.2018 14:07
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