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16.01.2020, 15:54

12% of crimes in Kazan are solved thanks to CCTV cameras

Results of 2019 were summed up at a meeting of the Department of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs in Kazan.

Kazan residents and visitors of the city note that the capital of Tatarstan today is one of the safest cities, said the mayor Ilsur Metshin at the Board of the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in Kazan. At the same time, he emphasized the necessity to strengthen the work of the police in prevention the drugs consumption by teenagers and prevention the counterfeit sales violations. 

6226 events were secured in 2019

Ilsur Metshin recalled that during the New year holidays Kazan was visited by more than 170 thousand tourists, which is 12% more than in 2018, and the entire event was attended by more than half a million people. At the same time, no serious administrative offenses were committed in the public places, the mayor said.

In 2019, law enforcement agencies in Kazan provided security at 6226 events of various types, which were attended by more than three million people, including the WorldSkills championship and the elections to the State Council of Tatarstan. This is almost 2 times more than the number of events held in 2018.

Serious and extremely serious crimes decreased in Kazan
Summing up the work of the Ministry in 2019, the chief of Kazan police office Alexander Mishchikhin noted that the number of serious and extremely serious crimes has been reduced in the city. The performance was almost 100%. More than 7 thousand crimes were detected, every fifth of which is a serious and especially serious category. The crime detection rate was 34.5%.

A.Mishchikhin said that 12% of crimes are solved thanks to CCTV cameras. Therefore, the work of the “Safe city” program remains a priority. “Today Kazan is one of the most advanced cities in this area. About 10 thousand CCTV cameras were installed at almost 3 thousand apartment buildings, of which about 2 thousand were installed last year. More than 1,600 outdoor surveillance cameras are used in public places, more than 500 are installed at 33 parks and squares in Kazan, and complex video surveillance is equipped at 717 social facilities”, - I.Metshin said.

252 million rubles were allocated for the crime prevention program in 2019

The mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin thanked the law enforcement officers for their service and noted that each indicator announced at the meeting is a result of long hours of hard work.

The mayor recalled that the city program for the crime prevention is being implemented in Kazan. Last year, 252 million rubles were allocated for its financing from the budget of Kazan. “An additional 57 million rubles were allocated in excess to the approved plan. This allowed increase for a 42% the daily police squads, and to remain the traffic police squads at the same level”, - I.Metshin said.

Significant assistance to the police is provided by the heads of community police offices. Last year, they completed more than 15 thousand administrative reports, which allowed partially relieving the police of unusual functions.

“One of the most important tasks is to create appropriate conditions for the work of the police. As far as possible, we will contribute to this task. Over the past three years, we have allocated more than 68 million rubles for the renovation of police offices, and about 12 million rubles for the renovation of the community police offices”, - the mayor said.
Ilsur Metshin added that among the priorities of the police should be the work on prevention of drug misuse. He recalled that in December at the initiative of the State Council deputies of the Republic of Tatarstan, the sale of tobacco-free nicotine-containing products to young persons has become prohibited. “We need to ensure control over the implementation of this law,” I.Metshin addressed the officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

“The citizens believe that this year it is necessary to pay attention to the prevention of counterfeit sales violations, especially alcohol counterfeit goods, as well as compliance the law that restricts the sale of alcohol to young persons. There is no doubt that these areas of work will not be neglected by Internal Affairs employees, – the head of the city said. At the same time, the Prosecutor of Kazan, Oleg Drozdov, noted that the Department's employees need to strengthen their work in the field of observing the constitutional rights of citizens, prevention the juvenile delinquency, fighting organized crime and others.

At the end of the meeting, Ilsur Metshin awarded the winners of professional skills contest among employees of Internal Affairs bodies “Best in profession”.

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The Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Kazan summed up the results of 2019
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16.01.2020 14:01
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