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28.07.2021, 12:02

Shareholders of the Zolotaya seredina residential complex: “We cried with grief, and now with happiness”

The first deputy head of the Executive Committee delivered the developer a commissioning permit and inspected the results of the work.

Residential building No.6 of the Zolotaya seredina residential complex on Chistopolskaya Street in Kazan has received a commissioning permit. Azat Nigmatzyanov, first deputy head of the Executive Committee of Kazan, delivered the permit to the developer, inspected the results of the work and congratulated the shareholders.

The construction of the residential building for 140 apartments began in 2012 by the previous developer- OOO “Firma Svey”. In 2015, the house was supposed to be commissioned, but construction was stopped.

In 2016, the governmental authorities dealt with the issue, and in 2020, work at the facility resumed.

The Tatarstan Foundation for the Protection of the Rights of Shared-equity Construction Participants became a new developer, the Breeze company became the contractor. Construction work was completed in June 2021, and in July the house was successfully inspected by the State Construction Supervision of Tatarstan.

The participants of the meeting visited a three-room apartment to control the quality of interior works. Apartments in the houses of this residential complex, according to the contract, were sold in shell condition.

Then the participants of the meeting examined the territory adjacent to the building. “Thank you very much for your work! We have been waiting for so long and finally got it. You have fulfilled everything that you promised, - Alfiya, the owner of the apartment in house No. 6, addressed Azat Nigmatzyanov on behalf of all the shareholders. I remember that at the first meeting we were crying with grief, and now we are ready to cry with happiness”.

The first deputy head of the Executive Committee of Kazan thanked the shareholders for their patience. “We joined the process in 2016. There were many challenges. Finally, this process is complete. 138 apartments already have owners. In 2015, there were 30 challenging houses in the city, now there are only 3 of them left”, - Azat Nigmatzyanov said.

He handed Ivan Novikov, Executive Director of the Tatarstan Foundation for the Protection of the Rights of Shared – equity Construction Participants, a commissioning permit and congratulated him on the completion of construction work.

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On-site meeting on delayed construction venues, 28.07.2021
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28.07.2021 11:07
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