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15.10.2018, 09:07

100% of social facilities and housing stock in Kazan are provided with the heating

This year, there was a quarter less heat supply complaints from residents than in the past.

(KZN.RU, October 15, Ksenia Shvetsova). Today, the two-week period has expired, which has been determined since the start of the heating season to adjust the heating supply system of the city. Today, a 100% heating launch has been carried out in Kazan to all the social facilities of the city and the housing stock. Iskander Giniyatullin, the deputy head of the Executive Committee, said today at the Business Monday, this year there are fewer complaints about the quality of the heating supply than last year. Their number has decreased by almost a quarter.

Yesterday, the hotline to the Housing and Public Utilities Committee and the system “Open Kazan” received 5 times fewer calls than the average received daily for 2 weeks. In just 14 days, the committee’s hotline received 1741 calls, which is 24% less than last year. The most number of calls fell on the seventh and eighth days of commissioning works. Hotline operators processed a little more than 500 calls a day. The system “Open Kazan” received 13900 applications, which is also almost a quarter less than last year, noted I. Giniyatullin.

“All applications have been reviewed and processed in a timely manner. The preparatory work for the heating period and the start-up of heating to consumers were organized in an orderly manner, without failures and any significant problems”, said the speaker.

Denis Kalinkin, the head of the Kazan Executive Committee, noted that despite the decrease in the number of calls, citizens continue to call the hotline numbers. He instructed to work out all the questions arising from them. “This week all these questions need to be solved. The heating should be in every house”, said D. Kalinkin.

Hotlines for the launching of the heating were organized in the Committee of Housing and Public Utilities and the districts’ administrations of Kazan. According to I. Giniyatullin, they will continue to work in the near future and receive appeals from citizens.

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The Business Monday, 10/15/2018
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