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22.04.2021, 12:53

The municipal road services prepare city streets for the summer season

Every day, 220 cleaning vehicles and 200 workers carry out clean-up of roads.

More than half of the streets of Kazan have already been cleaned up of dirt accumulated over the winter. The work started in early April and is being carried out every day. Today a team of workers started cleaning Karbysheva, Daurskaya and R.Sorge streets.

According to Marsel Akhmetzyanov, head of the Maintenance and Improvement department of the Land Improvement Committee of the Executive Committee of Kazan, the work on cleaning the streets of the city is carried out in several stages. Today, the cleaning began from Karbysheva Street: large amounts of debris were removed manually, loading equipment and dump trucks were also used.

Then, a mechanized cleaning machine “Broadway” started working at Daurskaya Street. And the work was completed at Richard Sorge Street– vacuum sweepers were used to clean the road and sidewalks from dust. “After that, roads and sidewalks that have already been cleared of dust and dirt are washed. At the same time, work is carried out to clean green areas and wash elements of the road network – security fences, street signs and bus stops”, - M.Akhmetzyanov said.

Cleaning of roads and fences is carried out on a round-the-clock basis. During the day, all debris are collected and a vacuum sweeper works, and at night, workers start cleaning the streets. “In total, 220 vehicles and 200 workers are engaged in cleaning the streets. Road services carry out cleaning in any weather, except rainy. First, they clean the main highways, then move to minor roads”, - Akhmetzyanov added.

All main roads are scheduled to be cleaned up by April 25.

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The scheduled road cleaning works are carried out in Kazan, 22.04.2021
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22.04.2021 11:37
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