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06.03.2019, 19:10

I. Metshin: “The main contribution of a woman to the future of our city has always been and will be her children”

The Mayor of Kazan presented awards of the competition “Woman of the Year. Man of the Year: A Woman's Opinion”.

(KZN.RU, March 6, Alena Miroshnichenko). The results of the city competition “Woman of the Year. Man of the Year: A Woman's Opinion” was summed up today in the Kazan City Hall on the eve of the main spring holiday, the 8th of March. Ilsur Metshin, the Mayor of Kazan, presented awards to women and men who made a significant contribution to the socio-economic development of the republic and the city, in support of culture, spirituality, education of the younger generation, and strengthening the family. The winners in various nominations of the competition were cultural figures, sports, tourism and education, factory workers, surgeons, and a 32-year-old mother of six children and an 81-year-old chairman of the public organization of blockaded Leningrad residents.

“Like flowers, you make our world beautiful, warming it with your hearts. We are grateful to you for the well-being of the family hearth, for caring for loved ones, for bringing up a sense of love for the fatherland and respect for traditional spiritual values in children. Our country held on for centuries on women, on your mission of patience, dedication, and positive thinking”, the Mayor of the city addressed the women present.

“Amazing women live in our city, every day we want to reach new heights for them. Your contribution to the development of culture, education, science, health, business, industry is enormous. We have a lot of work ahead and, of course, we cannot do it without your help”, he said and added that the celebration of the TASSR centenary is coming.

“But the main contribution of a woman to the future of our country, republic, city, of course, always were and will be her children. We are always happy when children are born in the city. Last year alone, 21 thousand babies were born in Kazan. We are pleased that second, third, fourth children are born in families. Today there are families in the hall, which are an example for all young people. We will do our best to make families with children feel confident and comfortable”, assured the Mayor of the capital of the RT.

Thus, one of the main and most honorable nominations of the competition was “Woman as Mother”. Its name speaks for itself. The highest award of the competition was given to Lilia Burganeeva, a mother of four children who had triplets last year, and 32-year-old Albina Yarullina, who became a mother for the sixth time in 2018. A. Yarullina told that the story of her family began in 2003. In 2004, she had her first child. Together with her husband, they initially knew that there would be many children in their family. Besides, they both were from large families. The development of each child is given special attention after all. Children do rhythmic gymnastics, dance, learn English, theatrical art, judo, and football. “Being a mother of many children is happiness. It seems to me that children are everything, without them, there is no sense in life”, says A. Yarullina.

Anna Gulishambarova, the artistic director and conductor of the chamber orchestra “Novaya Muzyka”, was recognized “Woman as Culture and Spirituality”. The winner in this nomination is the only female conductor in Tatarstan.

Particular attention was paid to the “Heroes of the Third Age”, who help their peers not only to be proud of the wealth of their years, but also actively participate in the public life of the republic, and also attract veterans to work with young people. Thus, the award in this nomination was received by Elvira Turentinova, an 81-year-old chairman of the public organization of the besieged Leningrad residents, who became its member in 1966. She joined the active veteran movement after retirement. She was a soloist in the choir “Volzhanka” of the cultural center “Saidash”, wrote scripts for performances, presented concerts, organized thematic meetings and lectures for veterans of the districts and the city. In addition, she annually holds interesting meetings in schools about the war and the blockade of Leningrad. “I have a feeling of gratitude for the respect that they give me. It is like an advance to our future even greater work. We will work while we have strength”, said E. Turentinova confidently. Also, the award in this nomination was received by 71-year-old guide Nadezhda Sekretova, who dedicated to her craft more than half a century. She is the author of the first video tour of Kazan, prepared for the millennium of the city. She is currently creating a new guide for Kazan and Tatarstan.

The recognized leader of the republican business in the nomination “Business Lady” became Lilia Sabirova, the director of the hotel “OsobnyaK na Teatralnoy”, as well as the hotel “Olymp” and “TatarInn”. Galina Latysheva, the head of the education department in Aviastroitelny and Novo-Savinovsky districts of Kazan was recognized “Woman as a Leader” for the ability to unite socially active people to solve society’s problems. At one time, she worked as a schoolteacher and director. This experience allows her to pursue a successful educational policy in the entire district. Last year, Daria Sannikova, the director of the Tourism Promotion Committee, achieved outstanding results in her area, for which she received the title “Woman as an Example of the Year”. The jury highly appreciated by the fact that D. Sannikova regularly initiates unique events in the city, which receive prestigious prizes at the city, republican, and All-Russian levels.

The nomination “My Fate is My Profession” was established by the Federation of Trade Unions of the RT. This year, Zulfiya Nasibullina, a grinder of the fifth category of the Kazan Motor-Building Production Association, received awards in this nomination. She devoted 35 years of her life to the working profession. Vera Matveyeva, the leading engineer of the Kazan Giproniiaviaaprom, was also mentioned here. This year she will celebrate 50 years of her working life at the enterprise.

Special recognition at the competition was received by Elena Volotskaya, the director of the sports school of the Olympic reserve in rhythmic gymnastics “Privolzhanka”. Daria Shkurikhina, a five-time European champion, three-time world champion, Olympic champion in Beijing, attended her school. The winner of the contest in the nomination “Special Recognition” takes care of both the sports results of her wards and their psychological state by regularly conducting trainings for them. In addition, she is working to improve the professional competencies of school coaches. One such example is the Privolzhanka Skills competition that was held in 2018.

At the event, they also mentioned men who have achieved significant success in professional and social activities, as well as paid attention to charity. The title of “Man as a Leader” was received by Rustam Ramazanov, a deputy of the Kazan City Duma, CEO of the OOO “DorstroiKomplektatsiya”. The prize in the nomination “Man with a Noble Heart” was given to Andrey Teregulov, a surgeon, the head of the angiography room of the X-ray surgical diagnostic methods department of the RCH, and Alexander Postnikov, a surgeon of the X-ray surgical diagnostic methods department of the RCH.

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The results of the city competition “Woman of the Year. Man of the Year: A Woman's Opinion” was summed up in the Kazan City Hall
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06.03.2019 17:33
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