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18.10.2021, 13:59

I.Metshin on abandoned vehicles and garages: “We need to get rid of this junk once and for all”

Kazan Mayor instructed to determine the exact number of objects and to schedule their removal to a temporary site before disposal.

By November 1, the heads of district administrations must provide lists with the exact number of ownerless objects - abandoned garages and cars that need to be disposed. Ilsur Metshin, the Mayor of Kazan, instructed to clean the city from unwarranted objects and cars today on a Business Monday. “We shouldn't talk about this for 10 years. Let us set a task, estimate the scope of the work and get rid of this junk once and for all. Kazan in the XXI century should not remain these old garages and rusty cars”, - the head of the city noted.

“The urban environment consists of not only parks, squares and landscaped embankments. Our yards, above all, is the place where residents go out every day and come back after work or study - I.Metshin said. - There should be no deprived areas in Kazan, a metropolitan level must be set everywhere”.

The issue of abandoned buildings, dilapidated garages and ownerless cars has become especially relevant in Kazan during the implementation of the Our Yard program aimed at improving of yard territories.

The heads of district administrations reported to the Mayor on the work undertaken to dismantle and remove abandoned buildings and ownerless cars. From 2019, 2,600 garages, 248 fences, 152 vehicles were identified in the Aviastroitelny and Novo-Savinovsky districts. Presently, 73 objects have been dismantled: 5 security posts, 47 metal poles, 2 barriers, 2 traffic blockers, 15 metal fences, 2 objects have been dismantled by owners, reported Fanis Nurmukhametov, head of the administration.

“In addition, 70 vehicles were evacuated from the territory of the districts, 26 of them by the administration, 44 cars were taken out by the owners – he added. - This year it is planned to dismantle 98 metal garages”.

5.7 million rubles have been allocated from the municipal budget for the dismantling of garages in the Kirovsky and Moskovsky districts.

“Together with property management companies, police, traffic police officers, work is underway to identify owners and inclusion of abandoned cars into the registry – I.Khismatullin added. - To date, the owners of 21 objects out of 29 have been identified. Of these, 19 owners moved their cars. The owners of eight vehicles are being identified”.

In 2019, 250 unwarranted buildings were dismantled in the Vakhitovsky and Privolzhsky districts, last year - 482 buildings. Four hundred and seventy two objects are planned to be dismantled this year, the head of the district administration Marat Zakirov said. Now, 402 garages have already been dismantled.

Over the past three years, the owners of the unwarranted objects and the administration dismantled 870 illegally installed garages in the Sovetsky district. Andrey Yakovlev, first deputy head of the district administration, noted that during this year, 45 objects were removed, as well as security booths and barriers.

The Mayor called for strengthening the work on the removal of ownerless cars, abandoned metal garages from yards and the dismantling of illegal structures.

In the near future, the issue of abandoned cars and garages should be resolved, the Mayor said. He instructed the heads of districts to develop detailed lists of the illegal structures and ownerless cars and to schedule their removal by November 1.

The heads of districts will have to report weekly on this work to the head of the Executive Committee and report monthly to the Mayor of Kazan on Business Mondays meetings.

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Business Monday, 18.10.2021
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18.10.2021 12:23
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