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09.11.2021, 14:32

I.Metshin on the Voznesensky tract: “Two or three years later there will be a new Kazan with amazing comfortable residential areas”

The construction of two underground tunnels at the intersections with Pobedy Avenue and Gvardeyskaya Street is underway.

In Kazan, the construction of the first stage of the Voznesensky tract continues, which provides for the construction of tunnels at Pobedy Avenue and at Gvardeyskaya Street at the intersection with the Ametyevskaya highway. The length of the first section of the road - from Gvardeyskaya St. to Pobedy Ave. - is almost 4 km.

The Mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin and local media visited the construction site of one of the most important highways for the development of the city today. “When the Voznesensky tract is completed, people will quickly get used to it. Today large-scale works are being carried out here, but it will take at least two or three years to see a new Kazan of the XXI century with amazing comfortable residential areas”, - the head of the city believes.

The construction of the first stage of the Voznesensky tract began this year. For the construction of two tunnel overpasses at the intersection of the Voznesensky tract with Pobedy Avenue, a 1.2 km long bypass road was built, another one at the intersection with 890 m long Gvardeyskaya Street. Now the traffic is organized along these bypass roads.

In addition to these two tunnels, it is planned to build three pedestrian tunnels and one bridge over the railway.

The construction of the Voznesensky tract was included in the General Plan of Kazan in 1969, I.Metshin noted. “Our predecessors dreamed of this, and finally we have launched a very intense work here”, - he added.

Now the utilities network relocation has been completed, the construction of engineering structures is underway, Igor Kulyazhev, deputy head of the Executive Committee, the Mayor.

After laying the storm sewer system, the placement of the solid slab and the installation of floors will begin, which, according to I.Kulyazhev, it is planned to begin next year.

It is planned to complete the main works of the first stage in September next year, the deputy head of the Executive Committee said.

The new road will allow unloading the Mamadyshsky tract, as well as to help solving traffic problems in the villages of Voznesenskoye, Bolshye Klyki, Samosyrovo, Salmachi, Privolny, Vishnevka,Vesna and Svetlaya dolina residential complexes. In addition, the construction of a new highway led to the development of a site with a total area of 293 hectares in the Sovetsky district within the boundaries of Rodina, Daurskaya, Gvardeyskaya and Adel Kutuya streets. “This road will enable to develop a depressed industrial zone, - I.Metshin said. - 40 thousand residents will live here in a beautiful, modern district with necessary social infrastructure. 36 hectares of parks, squares, green spaces will be developed for them. We are designing these territories today, having a vision of what a comfortable environment the residents will have”.

Modern design approaches will help in the future in the organization of traffic – despite the large number of residents living in the neighborhood, there will be no congestion thanks to the arrangement of access roads. “The length of the main road is almost 4 km, and exits and access roads have the length of 6.2 km. It will be a full-scale outbound route”, - the Mayor stressed.

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The construction of two underground tunnels begins at the Voznesensky tract
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09.11.2021 14:19
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