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11.06.2021, 16:23

I.Metshin: “No one will carry your burden, but we want to support you on this way”

Kazan facilities without accessible environment will be marked on the virtual map.

In Kazan, a virtual map will be developed which will show facilities that are not equipped with accessible environment. This decision was announced today by the Mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin at a meeting with parents raising children with disabilities. The event was held at the renovated library on Klara Zetkin Street.

Virtual map of an inaccessible environment

A virtual map with facilities which are not equipped with an accessible environment will be developed together with parents raising children with disabilities in Kazan.

The issue of inaccessibility of facilities was voiced by Farida Sabirova, one of the mothers who came to the meeting. “There are very few stores with the proper ramps, if there are any, they have the wrong angle, which is simply impossible to use with a wheelchair”, - she said.

Ilsur Metshin noted that “Accessible Environment” as a pilot project was launched in Kazan 10 years ago, but at that time there were no strictly prescribed standards. The head of the city stressed that now, during the construction, all social facilities in Kazan are equipped with everything necessary for people with disabilities – ramps, railings, tactile paving.

The situation is more complicated at the commercial facilities. Ilsur Metshin suggested displaying all these sites on the virtual map. The head of the city instructed the representatives of the district administrations, together with the participants of the meeting, to visit the sites where mothers of special children most often face difficulties, and to fix these facilities.

Help of volunteers at the sports venues

Volunteers will help children with disabilities at the sports venues, and Good Kazan will help recruit a team.

Landysh Mayer told about the problem often faced by parents of children who want to play sports. Her son had to stop swimming because there was no one in the locker room to help her child.

The head of the city said that today in Kazan at eight sports venues there is an opportunity for sports on preferential terms or even free of charge. Ilsur Metshin proposed to attract volunteers to these venues to help children.

New places for leisure

It is planned to create groups for children with disabilities in each cultural centers in Kazan. By September 1, a leisure center for children with disabilities will open on the first floor of the Ekiyat puppet theater, and a children's laboratory for creative activities will open at school No.49.

“Children's institutions are mainly focused on working with healthy children, but we would also like our children to attend them”, - Landysh Mayer said to the head of the city.

The decision to utilize youth clubs and renovated cultural centers was announced by Ilsur Metshin.

Mary Poppins for children

Together with Kazan businessmen, it is proposed to create a fund that will allow to cover the costs of babysitters for children with disabilities. So, parents will be able to leave their children with a reliable specialist.

“Parents can’t leave home, and they have no one to count on, the services of babysitters are also expensive”, - said Dalia Gainanova.

The Mayor of Kazan proposed to engage entrepreneurs in solving this issue. With their participation, as well as with the help of the Good Kazan project, a fund will be created to organize this work.

Family camping

A recreation center for families with disabled children will be built near Kazan. Ilsur Metshin called on business representatives to help the authors of the project – Adelia Sadrtdinova and her husband.

“Many families raising special children can't stand the stress, they broke up, because it's really tough,” - noted Adelia Sadrtdinova. Together with her husband, they decided to create a country recreation center for such families. Ilsur Metshin supported this idea.

“No one will carry your burden, but we want to support you and provide you with all the necessary assistance. All that I heard today is not a matter of money, but of attention, and it is important that there are more kind people around who would help and care. All issues will be taken into account, we will move forward in the dialogue with you”, - the head of the city concluded.

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The Mayor of Kazan meets with mothers of children with disabilities, 11.06.2021
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