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02.09.2019, 14:14

Ilsur Metshin: “It depends on the voters what the State Council of the RT will be, what laws will be adopted”

On September 8, elections of deputies of the State Council of the RT and additional elections of deputies of the City Duma will be held.

(KZN.RU, September 2, Alsu Safina). On September 8, on a single voting day, elections of deputies of the State Council of the RT and additional elections of deputies of the Kazan City Duma in Kulaginsky District №15 will be held in the capital of Tatarstan. On this day, Kazan citizens will be able to take part in the elections, express their opinion on the new three-year republican program “Our Yard”, as well as attend a concert at the stadium “Kazan Arena”. Ilsur Metshin, the Mayor of Kazan, urged voters to come to a vote. “There are almost a million voters in Kazan. It depends on them what the State Council of the RT will be like, what laws will be adopted”, said the Mayor.

The elections to the State Council of the RT in Kazan will be held in 16 single-member districts and on a single republican list. In single-mandate constituencies, 103 people nominated their candidates within the deadlines established by law, 79 of them were registered. To date, 77 people remain in the list of candidates, 2 are removed from registration by the court decision.

Lists of candidates for 7 political parties were registered in the single republican district: United Russia, the Liberal Democratic Party, the Communist Party, Just Russia, the Communists of Russia, the Party of Pensioners for Social Justice and the Growth Party.

Additional elections to the Kazan City Duma will be held in Kulaginsky District №15. Five candidates were registered for the elections, including 2 from political parties (LDPR and A Just Russia) and 3 self-nominated candidates.

“As of July 1, 2019, the number of voters in Kazan is 914,348. 461 polling stations have been formed in the city, including 34 in places of temporary residence”, said Evgeny Varakin. He added that electronic ballot processing systems will be used at 17 polling stations. “All polling stations are ready for work, have passed the necessary checks, work has been done to ensure the security of polling stations and their operation”, marked the head of the Executive Committee of the city.

For the convenience of voters living outside the place of registration, voting will be implemented at the place of the actual location. To do this, before September 4, the voter can submit a corresponding application to the territorial or precinct election commission, to the MFC, or through the RT public services portal. “If, before September 4, the voter does not have time to submit an application in this way, from September 5 to 2 pm on September 7, you can issue a special application for voting at the place of actual location”. You can find your polling station here. In addition, an invitation indicating the polling station to which the house is attached is sent to each mailbox. Information posters indicating the nearest polling station are also posted in garden societies.

Evgeny Varakin said that in Kazan there are no polling stations located above 2 floors. This is done for the convenience of voters with disabilities. In addition, all polling stations will be equipped with special voting booths for people with limited mobility. Volunteers will work at the sites. The Chief of Staff of the Executive Committee added that voters of this category will also be able to vote at home or in other polling stations. “For this, the territorial election commissions of the districts proposed polling stations that were most adapted under the Accessible Environment program,” he noted.

Voters living in residential areas remote from the polling station will be able to take advantage of free buses on September 8th. In total, 40 units of buses will be involved.

“Organization of elections is difficult and responsible work. Under the current legislation, we are obliged to provide every voter with the right to express their will, so we tried to take into account all issues as much as possible”, commented the mayor of Kazan.

Trade will be organized at polling stations, buffets will work, and festive concerts will be held.

On voting day, a concert will be held at the stadium “Kazan Arena”, which will begin at 2 pm. The stars of Russian and Tatar pop will perform.

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