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21.05.2021, 12:21

Ilsur Metshin got acquainted with the work of the first in the city sustainable automatic wheel wash at the construction site

The Mayor of Kazan called for a review of the washing standards at all construction sites.

A new standard for washing vehicle wheels at the construction sites will be introduced in Kazan. Today, the Mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin got acquainted with one of the innovative stations, which opened this spring at the construction site of the Yaratam residential complex. The automatic system allows not only to clean the wheels and significantly reduce the washing time, but also to ensure that no dirty drains into the soil.

Now there are 83 construction sites in Kazan, 100 vehicles work there every day. All construction sites are equipped with wheel washes. “It is hard to imagine how much dirt these 100 vehicles could have brought to the streets of Kazan. I want to thank the entire construction complex. Last year, construction companies had only 13 fines for soiling, and in 5 months of this year – 3. The culture of construction and respect for the city has grown, but the facts of violations still remain,”- Ilsur Metshin said.

The Russian-made Neptun Avto wheel washing system, which was shown to the head of the city today, is fully automated. It is an open platform with side walls, which is equipped with 100 high-pressure automizers. “The Russian-made wheel wash has a number of advantages compared to the old models. A lot of attention is paid sustainability, so the station is equipped with a closed water circulation cycle,”- Ilya Wolfson, director of the SMU-88 Group of companies, told the Mayor.

The Mayor noted that today Kazan residents and visitors of the capital of Tatarstan are used to cleanliness in the city, so it is necessary to continue to support work in this direction. “Clean and well-maintained Kazan is the result of joint work. Without the support and respect of the developers, this, of course, would be hard to achieve. It is necessary that all construction companies have a single standard. The cleanliness of the city, its beauty and improvement depend on joint efforts. We will make Kazan cleaner,”- the Mayor concluded.

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The Mayor of Kazan got acquainted with a new wheel washing system at construction sites
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21.05.2021 13:02
Ilsur Metshin got acquainted with the work of the first sustainable automatic wheel washing system in Kazan at a construction site
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