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02.02.2021, 13:33

Ilsur Metshin: “It is important not only to achieve your potential, but also to learn how to work as a team to achieve common goals”

A two-day training of the staff reserve for the employees of the Executive Committee started in Kazan.

Today, a two-day training of the staff reserve for about 40 young employees of the Executive Committee has started at the Kazan City Hall. Vladimir Soloviev, a well-known coach and expert in strategic management, shares his experience with them. “This seminar will help you to become better, and not only to reveal your potential, but also, to learn how to work as a team for common goals and achievements”, - said Ilsur Metshin, the Mayor of the capital of Tatarstan, welcoming the participants of the training.

Participants of the training will practice the skills of strategic and transformational management, learn how to create and implement a target model of corporate culture, learn leadership and much more.

The training is held for young specialists, which are professionals in their skills, but in order to remain professionals and develop, it is necessary to learn throughout the entire professional path, I.Metshin noted. “We are working hard, we have achieved quite a lot. In all rankings, Kazan is in the top three in the main indicators. But life is changing rapidly, and we are constantly facing new challenges”, - the head of the city noted.

The format of trainings allows participants communicate both with an expert and with each other, the Mayor added. “There are both heads of departments and deputy heads of the Executive Committee, so your ideas, thoughts and creativity can be immediately heard”, - he emphasized.

In addition to developing the skills, the training participants will have the opportunity to learn how to work as a team, the head of the city believes.

After the welcoming speech, the Mayor of Kazan introduced the participants to Vladimir Soloviev, a professional coach and expert in strategic management. V.Soloviev trained the staff reserve of the Presidential Administration, the Government of Russia and Moscow, held sessions with the teams of heads of more than 15 regions of Russia.

Vladimir Soloviev, in turn, welcomed the audience: “We will not only learn theory, but also practice, discuss what important projects are being implemented in Kazan today, what you can offer, and what tools are needed to make them come true”, – V.Soloviev said.

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Training of the staff reserve for young employees of the Executive Committee
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02.02.2021 12:46
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