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08.04.2021, 18:43

Ilsur Metshin responded to the questions of Kazan residents live on Instagram for the first time

The Mayor spoke about plans to build a school in the M14 area and the federal program to solve the issue of storm drains.

Today, the Mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin for the first time conducted a live broadcast on Instagram and responded to the questions of residents, received via the Internet reception of the head of the city after his reporting videos on social networks, and during the live stream.

In the beginning, the Mayor noted that this is his first live broadcast in social networks.

According to him, there were many appeals from residents of the villages of Vishnevka and Privolny concerning the need to build a new school. Ilsur Metshin said there is shortage of schools in 30 microdistricts. In total, the city lacks 31 thousand school places. However, the city is already preparing for the new school year. On September 1, a new school will open in the Art-City residential complex, and a gymnasium in Salavat Kupere will start working at full capacity.

Kazan is a leader among other big cities in the construction of educational facilities, nevertheless, the issue of their shortage is acute, I. Metshin admitted. “We are facing the second decade of the baby boom, Kazan is the leader among cities in terms of the birth rate, but this raises the issue of providing the city with social infrastructure. We know this, and we are working on it. Thanks to the support of Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov, the Government of Tatarstan, federal programs, but there is still room for improvement”, - the Mayor said.

Kazan residents were also interested on the location of patching works. According to the Mayor, this year the area of patching works has been increased by 12% – about 45 thousand sq.m. Presently, the road repair is being conducted at 50 sites with an area of more than 7,200 sq.m.

There were many questions on the work of the storm drains. The Mayor of the city said that there are more than 400 kilometers of storm drain system in Kazan, most of them were built in Soviet times- 40-60 years ago. “Every year, about 200-250 million rubles are spent on cleaning storm drains. In addition, every year we take onto the books new networks, which, unfortunately, are in a worn-out state. And this is a problem not only in Kazan, but also in other cities”, - the Mayor emphasized.

The issues of land improvement and overhaul were also discussed. In particular, the head of the city said that today more than 60% of the housing stock that requires renovation has already been overhauled and this work will continue.

Another important issue for the residents of remote areas and suburban settlements is the construction of roads. I. Metshin reminded that work is currently underway on two major infrastructure projects, in particular, the design of the Voznesensky Tract, which will help to facilitate the entry into the city for residents of the villages, and the construction of a collector road to the Salavat Kupere district.

The Mayor accepted the criticism about the snow removal in the city and explained the challenges this winter. “This winter was really special because of the heavy snowfalls. We learn from the errors and made conclusions. We plan to purchase another 51 combined road vehicles for snow removal, and other additional special equipment”, - he said.

At the end of the half-hour live broadcast, the Mayor of Kazan called on residents to participate in the discussion of the city agenda, to offer solutions on various issues. I. Metshin assured that this kind of communication with citizens will continue, and he will carefully study all the received appeals from citizens.

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