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23.09.2020, 14:17

The Mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin held a round table as part of the forum Kazan Digital Week-2020

Participants of the round table discussed the experience of innovative development of traffic infrastructure in different cities worldwide.

Kazan hosts the International Forum Kazan Digital Week-2020. Today, the forum hosted one of the representative sections – the round table “Smart city: experience in innovative development of traffic infrastructure and urban mobility". The mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin headed the discussion. He gathered mayors of foreign and Russian cities for a meeting.

“A single route network linking all four modes of transport has been formed in Kazan”

Ilsur Metshin, the Mayor of Kazan, speaking about the experience of Kazan in the transport sector, noted that the active reformation of transport services in the city began in 2006. The main areas of work were optimization of the route network, renewal of vehicles and introduction of innovative technologies. “Today in Kazan, a single route network has been formed, connecting all four types of transport that works in a single schedule, at the same rates”, – I.Metshin said.

Monitoring of the urban transport is carried out by the GLONASS automated dispatching control system.

To eliminate traffic congestion on the city's roads, increase the capacity of streets and speed, left turns were prohibited in Kazan, as well as the entry of cargo transport to the downtown was restricted. Besides, since 2007, dedicated lanes of the road network have been actively used to ensure priority of public transport, the head of the city noted.

The city is actively implementing an adaptive traffic control system of the fifth generation, which is part of the intelligent transport system.

“Interesting cases, interesting experience, I hope colleagues will be able to use projects to improve life in cities”

Representatives of foreign countries spoke about their experience in improving the transport industry. For example, the vice-mayor of Guangzhou (China), Lin Daoping, noted that in China, all metropolises adhere to innovation principles in various areas, including transport. Therefore, in Guangzhou, the transport industry uses high technologies, including artificial intelligence, big data and 5G. A 5G rapid transit control line has been launched in the city, and a demonstration zone has been created to connect all vehicles.

The vice-mayor Ke Jixin spoke about the digitalization of the transportation process in Hangzhou.

In Turkey, the country's authorities are trying to find ways to increase passenger traffic in public transport. The Mayor of Izmir Tunc Soyer said that the city has introduced a single ticket system. “One ticket is issued for all types of transport, which is valid for a certain time. This is how we promote travelling by public transport among citizens, making it more convenient and comfortable”, – T.Soyer noted.

“Interesting cases, interesting experience, I hope our colleagues will be able to use projects to improve life in cities”, - I.Metshin said.

Kazan will host the first Central-Eastern Congress on intelligent transport systems

Representatives of cities of the CIS countries and Russian cities attended the second part of the round table. The Mayor of Nur-Sultan (Kazakhstan) Altay Kulginov said that the city's public transport system has implemented the Face Pay system, which allows paying for travel in a contactless way.

Kan Kvarchia, deputy head of the administration, told about the traffic management system in the city of Sukhumi (Abkhazia). According to him, there are practically no traffic jams in the city. This is because each street route, thanks to technical means, has several options for leaving the city.

At the end of the meeting, Kazan Mayor Ilsur Metshin thanked the participants and invited them to Kazan for the first Central-Eastern Congress on intelligent transport systems, which will be held in the capital of Tatarstan in 2022.

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International Forum Kazan Digital Week-2020
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23.09.2020 14:25
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