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26.04.2019, 18:36

Ilsur Metshin, the Mayor of Kazan, met with Anatoly Seryshev, an assistant to the President

The Mayor spoke about the most interesting projects that are being implemented in the capital of the RT.

(KZN.RU, April 26). Today, Ilsur Metshin, the Mayor of Kazan, met in the City Hall with Anatoly Seryshev, an assistant to the President. During the meeting, Ilsur Metshin told the guests about the most important projects that have been implemented in Kazan or are being implemented now.

Thus, one of the large-scale projects was the work on greening the city and improving public spaces. In the 2000s, there were 225 thousand trees in parks and squares along the roads, whereas there were more than 300 thousand cars. Such programs as “100 Squares”, “Green Record”, “Tsvetuschaya Kazan” started, the improvement of public spaces began, followed by the reconstruction of houses of culture. 180 thousand trees, 155 thousand shrubs, 80 thousand perennial plants were planted. As a result, the total area of park areas in the city has increased by 131 hectares over the past 8 years. Today there are 143 parks and a public gardens in Kazan with a total area of 379 hectares.

Another important work was carried out in the field of public transport. Then the old buses, which due to the duplication of routes and uncontrolled work created congestion on the roads, have been replaced by modern buses. The capacity of the rolling stock increased by 1.3 times and harmful emissions to the atmosphere from passenger transport decreased by 10 thousand tons. Today, the average age of the bus fleet is 3.5 years, the tram fleet is 3.4 years, and the trolleybus fleet is 3.2 years.

A program to improve the organization of school meals was also presented, as a result of which the coverage of hot school meals for Kazan schoolchildren increased from 37% to 81%.

The project in the sphere of housing and communal services “Open Kazan”, on the one hand, simplified the submission of a complaint or application to residents, on the other hand, accelerated its implementation by the management companies. Over 7 years of operation of the information system, over 2.2 million applications were received from residents. The average percentage of completion is 99%. The system made it possible to reduce the average response time to problems of the management company and HOA by 3.5 times.

Ilsur Metshin also spoke about the work of the “Good Kazan”, changes in the field of outdoor advertising, and other projects.

Anatoly Seryshev, an assistant to the President, noted that the most interesting and successful practices can be replicated in other cities.

Alexander Orekhov, the head of the Staff of the Presidential Assistant, Mikhail Zverev, the counselor of the Staff of the Presidential Assistant, Asgat Safarov, the head of the Staff of the President of the RT, Renat Timerzyanov, the chief federal inspector of the RT, also attended the meeting.

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The meeting with Anatoly Seryshev, an assistant to the President, 04/26/2019
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26.04.2019 17:56
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