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26.02.2019, 17:01

President of the RT: “Much work remains to be done on separate garbage collection, but we have no other way”

The introduction of a separate collection of solid household waste will continue in Kazan.

(KZN.RU, February 26). Ilsur Metshin, the Mayor of Kazan, during the XXXII session of the Kazan City Duma, made an offer to organize a pilot project to support small and medium-sized businesses, whose representatives will be engaged in recycling.

In 2019, the implementation of the project for the separate collection of municipal solid waste will continue in Tatarstan and its capital. Rustam Minnikhanov, the President of the RT, noted that the task of implementing the project is difficult, but it needs to be solved in all districts and cities of the republic.

The start of the separate waste collection was given in the Aviastroitelny and Moskovsky districts of Kazan. “Here is our future, places for separate garbage collection should be like this”, said the Mayor, demonstrating how the separate garbage collection is implemented in two districts of Kazan on the slides. “We have set up more than 400 containers for separate garbage collection as an experiment. The project showed that we are already 30% less in garbage disposal due to sorting”, he marked.

Speaking about Kazan in general, Ilsur Metshin noted that there are 1700 plastic collection containers installed in the city. 50 plots of land have been allocated for the installation of pavilions for the collection of recycled materials, and 41 pavilions have already been installed. The Mayor recalled that the President of Russia in his address to the Federal Assembly set the task to eliminate landfills and increase the share of recycling from 8 to 60%.

The introduction of a separate waste collection program throughout the city requires solving several important tasks. Among them are the following: the education of city residents, the creation of all necessary conditions for the separate collection and sorting of waste and infrastructure for recycling, support for small and medium businesses operating in the sphere of MSW circulation. The Mayor focused particular attention on the solution of the third task, noting the need to support small businesses engaged in waste management at the state level.

 “We are ready to present our initiatives in support of waste recyclers to study and organize a pilot project in Kazan to support small and medium-sized businesses engaged in this sphere”, said the Mayor.

Attention to the sphere of MSW management must be paid in all cities and regions of the republic, said Rustam Minnikhanov, the President of the RT. “Separate garbage collection and recycling are a big task for us. We have a lot of work to do, but there is no other way. We need to solve these three tasks, indicated by the Mayor, and for each of them, we must work hard”, concluded R. Minnikhanov.

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The reporting XXXII Session of the Kazan City Duma, 02/26/2019
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