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17.12.2018, 10:15

The system “Open Kazan” became a finalist of the national award of IT projects “Digital Heights"”

The project reached the final in the nomination “The Best Solution for a Smart City”.

(KZN.RU, December 17, Ksenia Shvetsova). The project “Open Kazan” became a finalist for the award of IT projects “Digital Heights"”. It is the first national award, which is awarded in 2016 for the best domestic IT solutions for business and public administration. Rifat Khannanov, the head of the Department for Information Technology and Communications, announced this today at the Business Monday.

The presentation of the national award of IT projects “Digital Heights"” was held on December 11 in the Digital Business Space of Moscow, reported R. Khannanov. The project reached the final in the nomination “The Best Solution for a Smart City”, along with such projects as the portal “Our St. Petersburg”, the city portal of Moscow residents’ initiatives, and the regional navigation and information system of the Tyumen Region.

The effectiveness of the system “Open Kazan” is confirmed by the growth in the implementation of the number of applications up to 99%. At the same time, the response time to appeals decreased 3.5 times. Thus, if in 2011 the response time to the application fr om the moment of the request to the moment of its actual execution was approximately 60 hours, today it takes no more than a day. The answer to emergency applications takes half an hour. “The number of appeals on housing and communal services in the Internet reception of the City Hall decreased by one third. The number of overdue applications decreased by 4 times”, said Rifat Khannanov. He added that the quality of work has also significantly improved due to monitoring by residents.

Since 2011, along with the reception and processing of residents' appeals, the “Open Kazan” allows Kazan citizens to submit reading of individual metering devices, to receive operational information about the disconnection of housing and communal services. In addition, the system has created a single repository of technical passports of apartment buildings, developed a procedure for conducting a routine inspection of the house technical condition, as well as a unified methodology for inspection of house condition.

The “Open Kazan” allows citizens to solve problems quickly not only in the housing and communal services sphere, but also in matters of public transport, the state of the housing stock, landscaping, noted Ilsur Metshin, the Mayor of the city. He added that recognition of the project’s effectiveness at the federal level says that the capital of Tatarstan is following the right way. “There were many appeals of citizens on various issues. Therefore, we thought about making such a system so that it would be transparent and allowed to streamline and systematize the work on appeals and complaints of citizens”, reminded I. Metshin. “Housing and communal services consist of thousands of little things, millions of calls, and not all of them reached the addressee. Now it is in the past and there are no forgotten requests from tenants”.

Kazan became one of the first million-population cities wh ere an electronic platform was introduced to promptly respond to the appeals of citizens. Now the system helps to serve more than 4800 residential buildings of the city. After the capital of Tatarstan, it was introduced in such cities as Nizhnekamsk, Elabuga, Almetyevsk, Innopolis, Kamskiye Polyany, Zainsk, Nizhny Novgorod, as well as in the Komi Republic and the Chechen Republic.

“The time will come when we say that the system works perfectly, but for now we need to think about further improvement of this work’s quality”, concluded the Mayor.

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The Business Monday, 12/17/2018
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17.12.2018 10:10
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