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05.03.2019, 17:25

Kazan rescuers instructed residents of Vishnevka village on flooding actions

During preventive raids, rescuers hold conversations with residents and distribute memos.

(KZN.RU, March 5, Alina Berezhnaya). From today, Kazan rescuers began to conduct explanatory raids on villages that are at risk of flooding during the spring flood. Employees of the Directorate of Civil Protection organized a house roundabout of residents of the Vishnevka village to instruct them and remind them of security measures.

According to Ferdinant Timurkhanov, the head of the Kazan Directorate of Civil Protection, the Vishnevka village is located on the territory potentially dangerous during the spring flood in the low part on the bank of the Noksa River. The level of snow cover in the village reaches 1 meter. Flooding of lowland areas is possible with sudden and steady warming. According to F. Timurkhanov, 298 houses are in the flood zone in Vishnevka.

Today, rescuers distributed 150 memos and spoke with residents of the village. “We want to conduct a maximum briefing with the population, pay attention to everyone, and explain how to act during the flood. But people themselves must understand the scale of the problem, take a responsible approach to preparation”, explained F. Timurkhanov.

According to forecasts, the spring flood in Kazan will begin in the first half of April. According to F. Timurkhanov, the villages Druzhba, Severny, Sukhaya Reka, Kalinina, Igumnovo, Yagodnaya Sloboda, Zalesny, Admiralteiskaya Sloboda, Krasnaya Gorka, and Levchenko are in the flooding zone. Also, residential areas Pervomaisky, Ametievo, Boriskovo, Mirny, Konstantinovka, Salmachi, and Vishnevka are in the risk zone.

Ferdinant Timurkhanov noted that measures aimed at preventing a dangerous flood have been held since last fall. Thus, 3 km of drainage ditches were renewed in the city, bulk barriers for meltwater were created, and clearing of small river channels was carried out. Currently, an inspection of pumping equipment and cleaning of storm sewage networks is carried out in the underground passages. In total, 150 emergency groups, 137 units of equipment, 147 pumps, 2370 sandbags, and 810 ladders were prepared for a quick response. In addition, 12 temporary accommodation centers with a capacity of 2910 people have been prepared.

“It is important for us that people understand that they are not alone, we will always come to the rescue. In particularly difficult cases, the population will be evacuated on special buses and taken to temporary shelters”, said F. Timurkhanov. He added that in the coming days, rescuers will check all 12 temporary shelters for emergency situations.

Also, within two weeks, rescuers will conduct a house roundabout of residents living in areas that are prone to flood events. At the same time, special attention will be paid to communication with large families, disabled people, and elders.

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