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07.07.2020, 13:51

A memorial wall will be installed in honor of awarding Kazan the City of Labor Valor title

Celebrations will last until the end of the year.

A memorial wall will be installed in the capital of Tatarstan on the occasion of awarding the City of Labor Valor honorary title. Lyudmila Andreeva, Deputy head of the Kazan municipality, told about it today at a press conference at the Tatar-inform Agency.

The awarding of Kazan the City of Labor Valor title was announced last week at a meeting of the Pobeda (Victory) Organizing Committee headed by the Russian President Vladimir Putin, L.Andreeva reminded.

“This is a long-awaited news for all citizens, for employees of enterprises that worked during the war, for our honored veterans and home front workers,” - L.Andreeva said.

The law defined clear criteria that a city must meet to receive the title, including the documentary evidence of the feat of enterprises and citizens. The staff of the Marjani Institute of history prepared a special conclusion confirming the historical data. The conclusion prepared by the Institute created the basis of the conclusion of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

“It was necessary to collect official records, study the Record Office, and view all the protocols that confirm the awarding of orders and medals. During the war, 75 thousand Kazan citizens received medals for Labor Valor, - said the Deputy head of the Kazan municipality. – We asked the manufacturers and museum workers for help”.

On the day of awarding the City of Labor Valor title to the capital of Tatarstan, various festive events started, L.Andreeva reminded. “The celebrations were held at all enterprises of the city – she said. – Of course, the pandemic made some changes, and we had no opportunity to celebrate this event widely. However, we are planning a number of events for the future. For example, a solemn event will be held on the city Day-August 30.

A memorial wall will also be installed in the city, L.Andreeva said. “The law provides for the establishment of a memorial wall with the emblem of the city and the content of the decree on awarding the title, - she said. – Now we are preparing to install this wall, we are thinking of several sites for its placement”.

“At war times, more than 15 thousand engines produced in Kazan, 103 thousand tons of gunpowder, 4 billion fills, including 1 million for the famous Katyusha,– said Aisylu Kabirova, head of the Department of modern history, leading researcher of the Marjani Institute of history. - Kazan citizens manufactured almost 200 types of uniforms and equipment, sewed 1 million coats, 2.5 million sets of trousers and shirts, 6 million snow boots, almost 8 million sets of underwear, 5 million boots. Our city has allocated 45 evacuation hospitals. And this is only a small part of the labor feat that our compatriots have accomplished”.

In addition to Kazan, 19 other Russian cities were awarded the honorary title City of Labor Valor.

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