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28.05.2019, 13:40

New information boards will appear on 70 bus stops in Kazan

After completion of work, every fourth stop of the capital of Tatarstan will be equipped with boards.

(KZN.RU, May 28, Ksenia Shvetsova). The work began on equipping 70 bus stops in Kazan with new information boards, through which passengers can learn about the arrival time of public transport. All the major bus stops in the city already have such boards. Now bus stops in remote areas and settlements of the city are equipped with them. In particular, the board is already working in the test mode at the final bus stop “Mirny Settlement” of the Privolzhsky district. After completion of all work, every fourth bus stop of the capital of Tatarstan will be equipped with information boards.

In total, 233 electronic information boards are installed in Kazan today. Their number is planned to be increased to 303 ones by mid-July. According to this indicator, Kazan is one of the leaders among other Russian cities, said Evgeny Popov, the director of the MKU “Organization of Passenger Traffic”.

“There are about 1300 bus stops in the city. After we install 70 new boards, we will have every fourth stop equipped”, said E. Popov. “We have the system “ASU-T” that takes into account the planned schedule of transport, its actual speed, and the actual time of passing through other stops. Therefore, the display always shows the real forecast of the appearance of transport, its accuracy is up to 20 seconds. When the number “0” lights up on the display, it means the bus is already standing next to the bus stop”. The fulfillment rate of municipal transport routes in Kazan is 95.5%, and the regularity is 93.5% of the planned figures, he added. “This is a very high performance. We are close to the best European standards and work on them”.

It takes a lot of time to install one information board. It is needed to prepare the mounting element, hold the wires, set the mode of operation. In Mirny Settlement, it was possible to conduct electricity to the board from a store located on the territory of the bus stop, so the work was completed fairly quickly. “There are difficulties when the wiring needs to be pulled over a long distance. It happens that the closest power source is at a distance of 200 meters, then it takes a whole day”, explains Evgeny Molokopai, the chief engineer of the MKU “Organization of Passenger Traffic”. “In addition to Mirny Settlement, such boards will appear in the villages of Raduzhny, Petrovsky and others in the near future. In general, we plan to cover all the settlements of the city”.

For the first time, information boards at bus stops in Kazan appeared in 2010. Then about 10 boards were installed, and another 220 stops were equipped in 2014. “People are accustomed to the fact that they can always find out about the time of arrival of the bus, this is convenient. We are often asked to install the board, sometimes citizens report that it is necessary to carry out repairs if the equipment has failed somewhere”, added E. Molokopoi.

55 out of the 233 already installed and operating boards are equipped with an option for visually impaired passengers. Press a special button and the information is duplicated by the audio line.

Bus stops are equipped with different types of boards depending on the number of routes passing there. Thus, there are single-line, two-line and three-line boards. “There are stops with 10 routes, it’s just impossible to display information on one line”, explains E. Popov. “Time, date, air temperature are always displayed on one of the lines”. Bilateral boards are installed at the stops with large passenger traffic so that citizens can study the information without interfering with each other. In total, there are 12 such boards in the city today.

In a special program, experts monitor the operation mode of all city boards in order to promptly repair. Citizens can also report such cases by calling the hotline of the Committee on Transport: 275-30-50.

The installation of all 70 placards is scheduled for mid-July.

You can also track the time of arrival of buses, trams and trolleybuses using the mobile application Yandex.Transport, similar information is also presented on the transport portal kazantransport.ru.

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New information boards will appear on 70 bus stops in Kazan
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28.05.2019 13:35
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