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08.07.2020, 13:49

The construction of the third and fourth houses at the MCHS residential complex resumed

Azat Nigmatzyanov, Deputy head of the Executive Committee, inspected the progress of work in the houses of the Molodezhny and MCHS residential complexes.

The construction of problem venues of defrauded shareholders continues in Kazan. The progress of work in the houses of two residential complexes of the Fon company – Molodezhny and MCHS - was inspected by the first Deputy head of the Executive Committee Azat Nigmatzyanov today at the on-site meeting.

The meeting began at the construction site of the Molodezhny residential complex. Work here resumed in autumn 2018. Part of the work, at the expense of shareholders, in the 14-16-storey building was performed by the GK SC Stroy LLC, now the completion of the building is continued by the Ak Tash company – with the participation of the Republican Shareholders Support Fund, created in 2018. Financing of the completion of the house is carried out by providing the contractor – the Ak Tash company – a Republican plot of land.

Presently, 87 builders are working on the site, and the house with 190 apartments is in a high degree of readiness. The meeting participants discussed the terms of installation of pumping equipment, elevators, technical connection of the water meter unit and other issues.

For information, the Molodezhny residential complex consists of five apartment buildings, the construction of which started in the early 2010s and was suspended a few years later due to the bankruptcy of the developer.

The meeting continued on the construction site of the second house of the MCHS residential complex. The residential complex includes 5 apartment buildings, of which the first house for 527 apartments and the fifth house for 102 apartments have been put into operation.

The construction of the second house of the MCHS residential complex was started in 2012 and planned to be completed in 2016. Now the second house is supposed to put into operation by blocks, as the previous one.

Within the first stage, it is planned to put into operation the A block. The contractor of the site, Komosstroy company from Izhevsk, was allocated federal piece of land on Gubkin street.

Today, 76 workers are involved in the completion of the three-entrance A block. The work is on schedule. In particular, the main concrete works have been completed, brickwork is being carried out, the heating system is being installed, and others.

The construction of the remaining blocks is carried out by the Ak Tash company within the framework of an agreement signed in December 2019 with the Federal Fund for the protection of the rights of citizens participating in shared construction.

Also, under this agreement, a month ago, with the participation of Ak Tash, the construction of the third and fourth houses of the MCHS residential complex for 574 apartments each, which were in the lowest degree of readiness, resumed. At the moment, about 300 people work at three sites – the second, third and fourth apartment houses.

Besides, according to the program of the Federal Fund, work resumed in the fifth house of the Molodezhny residential complex, which was also unfinished. Now the foundations have been put in order at the facility, Ak Tash is the contractor.

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On-site meeting at the MCHS and Molodezhny residential complexes, 08.07.2020
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