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17.04.2019, 15:34

The landscaping of the problem house on Chetaev Street was completed in Kazan

The comments of the Gosstroynadzor at the site were eliminated, the construction is completed.

(KZN.RU, April 17, Alsu Safina). The landscaping of the problem fourth house on Chetaev Street was completed in Kazan. This Saturday, future tenants will join the citywide subbotnik and will come to clean the local area. According to the schedule, work continues in the house on Chistopolskaya Street in the 68th quarter. The priorities are the solving of issues related to the networks, approval of the project for the improvement of the local area and the completion of outdoor works. Azat Nigmatzyanov, the first deputy head of the Executive Committee, said this at the traditional meeting.

The meeting began at the fourth house on Chetaev Street, the developer is the OOO “Svey”. Now the house is assigned a post address Chetaev Street, №14. For two weeks that have passed since the previous meeting, a construction fence was removed around the house, the top layer of asphalt was laid, besides, they marked out parking spaces and installed benches. Azat Nigmatzyanov explained that initially the house was originally planned to be completed without improvement. “We considered this option, because over time there could be a drawdown, we wanted to complete the improvement after that. However, Gosstroynadzor insisted that everything should be done, because the requirements have changed”, said the first deputy head of the Executive Committee.

Near the fourth house, there is another unfinished construction – the third house. The developer OOO “Svey” was given permission to build a 3-section 9-storey building at one time. But the apartments were being sold as if it was a 7-section 18-storey residential building. The construction site was frozen in the process of building the frame of the house, so now there should be a project to continue the work. Andrey Urlukov, the bankruptcy manager of the OOO “Firma “Svey”, drew attention to the need to secure future tenants and fence the third house. According to A. Nigmatzyanov, mounting grids will be installed the sake of safety.

As for the deadline for the 4th house, Azat Nigmatzyanov said that now two problems remain. The first one is a conduit, which was laid for looping networks. It is planned to make a sidebar today, said representatives of the “Vodokanal”. The second problem is the certificate of admission for power supply networks, which the management company “Gorod” will have to receive from Rostechnadzor within one day. “What is the certificate of admission? When you will be moving in, you will not need to collect documents in order to receive electricity on an ongoing basis”, Azat Nigmatzyanov explained to the shareholders. “All the remaining problems have been eliminated, the construction is completed”, he concluded.

Razil Karamov, one of the representatives of the initiative group of shareholders, asked about the need for obtaining permission to deliver a house. A. Nigmatzyanov reminded that first of all, it is necessary to get a conclusion from Gosstroynadzor on the conformity of the constructed project documentation object that has passed the examination.

The first deputy head of the Executive Committee also suggested that shareholders join the citywide subbotnik on April 20. Residents supported the idea. “We can plant trees as well”, they noted.

Denis Samarin, the director of the OOO “Ak Tash-Invest”, also took part in the meeting. The company “Ak Tash” is now working on two problematic objects, houses in the RC “Molodezhny” at Noksinsky Spusk. Works in the first house are behind schedule. The first deputy head of the Executive Committee once again ordered the “Ak Tash” to speed up the work.

The meeting continued in the house of the “Mag-Stroy” on Chistopolskaya Street in the 68th quarter. Work on the site is on schedule, more than 100 people work there. The contractor in this 320-apartment building is the “Briz”. According to Azat Nigmatzyanov, it is necessary to complete the exterior work in the near future.

The meeting participants discussed technical issues, in particular, storm sewers, water supply networks.

Shareholders who came to the meeting asked about safety issues, in particular, the reliability of stained glass frames. “We have applied a different scheme, because everything must meet the security of people. The object will be inspected by the Gosstroynadzor”, noted A. Nigmatzyanov. “Each house is signed by 9 inspectors, each by its own direction”. Future tenants will be able to see their apartments before the house is completed, after the completion of construction and installation works.

Marat Samigulin, the head of the Office of Capital Construction and Reconstruction, Airat Akhmetkhanov, the deputy head of the Department of Housing Policy, representatives of network organizations and city services, bankruptcy trustees also attended the meeting.

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The meeting with shareholders of problem houses on Chetaev and Chistopolskaya streets, 04/17/2019
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17.04.2019 12:05
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