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16.01.2019, 11:17

The dismantling of New Year's decoration began in the parks of Kazan

The central Christmas tree in the capital of Tatarstan will remain until the end of February.

(KZN.RU, January 16). The dismantling of the New Year's decoration began in the parks and squares of Kazan. Thus, a six-meter-long art object in the form of a chandelier is being dismantled in the park “Chernoe Ozero”. Light consoles were removed from the lanterns in the Gorkinsko-Ometievsky forest. However, Kazan citizen can take in the view of the central Christmas tree for now. The main winter beauty installed at the site near the Family Center “Kazan” will remain until the end of February.

The city will still delight residents and guests with bright light illumination despite the dismantling of the New Year's decoration in parks and squares. Thus, the decorations will remain on Bauman Street and the embankment of the Kaban Lake, reported the Directorate of Parks and Squares. This year, the main pedestrian street of Kazan shone with New Year's illumination of forty luminous arches made up of 100 thousand energy-saving lamps. In addition, 7 bridges on the Bulak channel sparkled with bright lights, an illumination with images of New Year attributes and winter symbols.

The ice town and the central Christmas tree at the Chasha will remain until the end of February and will be dismantled as warm weather sets in. Kazan citizens could admire the 19-meter tree decorated with New Year symbols and ride the slides, the largest of which is 120 meters long.

Skating rinks in the parks and squares will be open for residents and guests of the city throughout the whole winter. Sports equipment rental is available. In the park “Chernoe Ozero”, you can go skating and also enroll in a figure skating school. Professional choreographers and candidates for masters of sports will train everyone.

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