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08.05.2021, 16:42

R.Minnikhanov and I.Metshin visited a number of facilities under construction in Kazan

Tatarstan President and the Mayor of the city visited the construction sites of the indoor venue of the Uram extreme park, oncology center for children and other facilities.

Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov inspected a number of facilities under construction in Kazan. He was accompanied by Tatarstan Prime Minister Alexey Pesoshin, the Minister of Construction, Architecture and Housing of Tatarstan Marat Aizatullin, the Mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin and others.

The first venue of the visit was the indoor part of the Uram extreme park. The complex will work year -round. Today, the construction of the building is 80% completed. The interior decoration is completed by 60%, the landscaping of the surrounding area-by 70%. During the inspection of the premises of the extreme park, Rustam Minnikhanov was informed that the construction of sports halls and the installation of sports equipment is underway. It is planned to finish the construction by the Youth Day.

Then, Rustam Minnikhanov went to the Kazan Kremlin, where he got acquainted with the progress of renovation works in the buildings. In particular, it is planned to install museum expositions, public catering facilities, including Tatar ethnic cafe, a lecture hall, children's play areas and other entertainment zones for attracting tourists.

After that, Rustam Minnikhanov visited the construction site of the student residence of the Kazan branch of the Volga State University of Water Transport. The project proposes the construction of a six-story building for 250 people. In addition to the residential unit, there will be a dining room, a medical office and a reading hall. Construction work started in June last year, and is scheduled to be completed in 2021. More than 80 constructors are working in the building.

The next point of the route was the Children’s Oncology, Hematology and Surgery Center under construction for 100 beds at the Children’s Republican Clinics. Rustam Minnikhanov inspected the building, visited the departments of onco-hematology, surgery, intensive care, blood transfusion, and computerized tomography. The President was informed that the medical complex will be equipped with the most modern equipment. The construction is scheduled to be completed in June this year.

After that, Rustam Minnikhanov inspected the construction site of the second hospice for 60 beds. The new building will include an adult unit. The opening of the hospital will solve the issue of shortage of places for terminal patients.

In addition, Rustam Minnikhanov got acquainted with the implementation of road projects. In particular, Tatarstan President inspected the construction of the highway from Nesmelova Street to the M-7 highway (the Gorkovsky Highway relief road) and the section of road from Tekhnicheskaya Street to the Kirovskaya Dam. Rustam Minnikhanov also inspected the pace of construction of the U-turn road on the Orenburgsky tract, Tatarstan President’s Press Office reports.


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