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06.03.2019, 14:15

Another problem object of the “Svei” on Chetaev Street has reached the final lap

The 4th house of defrauded shareholders will pass the final inspection of the State Construction Supervision Service in the middle of March.

(KZN.RU, March 6). In mid-March, the final inspection of the 4th problem house of the “Svei” on Chetaev Street is planned by the Inspection of Gosstroinadzor of the RT, after which the construction project will be able to obtain a compliance conclusion. At the same time, work continues in the problem house on Chistopolskaya Street, where the “Mag-Stroi” was the developer. Now 120 people are involved in the project, and the works are ahead of schedule. Azat Nigmatzyanov, the first deputy head of the Kazan Executive Committee, inspected the progress of work at the weekly meeting today.

Works in the 4th house on Chetaev Street for 130 apartments were completed by 99%. Andrey Belyakov, the director of the OOO “Briz”, which is completing the facility, said this today at the meeting. He said that some finishing strokes remained, works that could not be done before due to low temperatures. These include laying tiles on transitional balconies and arranging entrance panels and ramps.

Today, the meeting participants also inspected the house. Workers were installing water meters. A. Nigmatzyanov noted that the requirements for new houses will be met in this case.

The facility has already been visited by specialists of the State Construction Supervision Service, who identified a number of minor flaws. All of them will be eliminated before March 15. “The final inspection will be held on March 15. I believe, the results will be positive”, said Andrey Belyakov.

“There are “bad” issues from the developer of the company “Svei”, which surprise the builders. We have to solve them”, the first deputy head of the Executive Committee explained to the shareholders. They, in turn, again wondered when they could see their apartments. Azat Nigmatzyanov said that after March 20, when all the work is completed, the “Briz” will announce a day for shareholders, and they will be able to visit the site.

The house is planned to be delivered with the improvement in the winter version, in particular, without a second layer of asphalt. These works will be completed after warming.

The second object attended by the meeting participants was a house in the 68th quarter on Chistopolskaya Street. The inspectors of the Gosstroinadzor pointed out a number of flaws to the “Briz”, the contractor at the site.

The facility employs 120 people today. Internal work on the first block of the house is completed by 85%. “Since March 5, we have fully entered the facade of the second block”, said Andrey Belyakov. Azat Nigmatzyanov recommended to speed up the dismantling with the participation of representatives of the Office of Capital Construction and Reconstruction, the arbitration manager and the State Construction Supervision Service. “We should not have and questions later. Everything should be done well, transparent”, marked the first deputy head of the Executive Committee.

In addition, commissioning works on elevators are underway in the second block. In a week, one of them will be launched, elevators in the first block are already working.

The meeting participants discussed the issue of laying water pipelines and their connection. “The designers reworked the project and submitted it for approval to the “Vodokanal”, said Andrey Belyakov. A “Vodokanal” representative said that the project would be agreed early next week. After that, the “Briz” will transfer it to the engineering department for approval.

The shareholders who came to the meeting asked about the landscaping of the adjacent territory, in particular, the playground and parking. As it turned out, the improvement project was prepared. Azat Nigmatzyanov instructed the designers to submit the documents to the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning for approval today. Only after that, the project will be presented to shareholders. The local area is small, and the issue with the playground and parking spaces is relevant.

Azat Nigmatzyanov noted that, in general, the work on the site is ahead of schedule. “120 people is a huge force. Now people get a good salary in construction. And in order to pay such a salary, they need to ensure the amount of work”, said the first deputy head of the Executive Committee.

Marat Samigulin, the head of the Capital Construction and Reconstruction Office, Ivan Novikov, the executive director of the Fund for the Support of Shareholders, representatives of network organizations and city services also attended the meeting.

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The meeting with shareholders of problem houses on Chetaev and Chistopolskaya streets, 03/06/2019
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06.03.2019 11:39
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