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22.11.2021, 13:44

Ilsur Metshin: “Today we have obtained a qualitative picture of all social institutions of our city”

In 2021, the comprehensive maintenance was carried out at 237 educational institutions for a total of 265 million rubles.

This year, comprehensive maintenance was carried out at 157 kindergartens and 80 schools in Kazan, 265 million rubles were allocated from the municipal budget for these purposes. “Today we have obtained a qualitative picture of all social institutions of our city. We clearly see the need for renovation and the priority of work for each of them”, - Ilsur Metshin, the Mayor of Kazan, said today at the Business Monday.

Maintenance: renovation of roofs, replacement of utilities, installation of parapets

The maintenance programs of educational institutions are financed by the municipal budget. In total, there are 642 facilities, said the director of the Department for the Maintenance of Kazan Social Institutions, Pyotr Korolev. Of these, 43% are buildings built since 2005, and those in which renovation has already been carried out. The remaining 57% are in a poor state – these are facilities built before 2005 and where no renovation work was carried out.

57 million rubles were allocated for the repair of roofs at 37 facilities. Replacement of the storm drainage system, installation of parapets, lightning, and replacement of roofing for a total amount of about 300 million rubles was carried out at eighty-one facilities, P.Korolev said.

Worn-out utilities

According to P. Korolev, the main problem of kindergartens and schools in Kazan, are worn-out utilities in the buildings. These are water supply, sanitation, electricity and outdoor lighting systems.

“We regularly deal with problems of leaking batteries during the heating season, as well as old wiring, - the head of the department complained. - We solve these issues during the maintenance”. He added that the annual maintenance program will not solve the problem completely, but will only allow fixing most acute problems.

“We had the opportunity to fix pressure points within the framework of allocated financing. However, these facilities require comprehensive renovation of buildings and therefore significant financing”, - P.Korolev noted.

In 2021, the regulations for the repair of social facilities have been fulfilled

The repair work, which was carried out this year, allowed eliminating only part of the regulations of the supervisory authorities and court decisions, P. Korolev said. At the same time, the regulations and decisions for this year are 100% fulfilled.

“The demand for renovation is huge and it is understandable in a city with a thousand-year history. We have buildings that had no repairs for 50, 60, or even 70 years. This is not an issue of maintenance, but of renovation, – I.Metshin said. A lot is being done to solve this issue, and I want to thank the leadership of our republic and personally Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov, unprecedented programs allow us to make a great progress in this regard”.

Presently, all schools that were built more than 30 years ago, more than 57 preschools and almost all youth clubs have been renovated in Kazan, the Mayor reminded. Along with this, large-scale work is being carried out in suburban children's camps, almost all primary health care facilities have been renovated.

“This is a huge work. According to the responses of Kazan residents, we see how it is important”, - the Mayor stressed. He also instructed to consider the possibility of allocating additional funding to the Department for the Maintenance of Social Institutions.

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Business Monday, 22.11.2021
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22.11.2021 12:48
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