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07.10.2019, 19:47

Applicants for the Kazan chief architect position presented their vision of the city development for the next 20 years

Ilsiyar Tukhvatullina has become the chief architect of the city following the meeting of the expert council chaired by Ilsur Metshin,

Today, a face-to-face round of Kazan chief architect selection was held at the City Hall. Four applicants presented their vision of the city development for the next 20 years. Members of the expert council headed by the mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin heard the speeches of the participants.

As a task, the candidates were asked to find options for the renovation of the territory along Rodina street of Sovietsky district on the basis of urban planning analysis, as well as to present their vision of the development of Kazan for the next 20 years.

Director of OOO "Architectural house "ADT" Ilsiyar Tukhvatullina, speaking about the prospect for further development of Rodina street, noted the great potential of this territory. According to the architect, in order to get a "new lease of life", it is necessary to construct the residential buildings of various types, provided with all the necessary social infrastructure, create the yard spaces, and build a hotel cluster. "This area is unique – on the one hand it is located in the city center, and on the other it is saturated with industrial enterprises. In the concept of development, it would be advisable to keep this industry", - said I. Tukhvatullina.

As for the overall development of Kazan, the architect proposed to develop the aquatic potential of the city, in particular bridges to connect the islands at the Kazanka river. "This area would become a place for walking, cycling, as well as it would be possible to organize various exhibitions, this practice is already widely used abroad", - explained I. Tukhvatullina.

Deputy chief architect of Kazan Timur Kadyrov presented his concept of development of Kazan and Rodina street. In his presentation, he made a special emphasis on the reorganization of enterprises of the Sovietsky district. In particular, he proposed to build mixed-use blocks at the vacant sites of industrial enterprises. He also added that the territory at Rodina street can become a pilot in the "green" construction.

In addition, the architect proposed to connect the pedestrian boulevard of the Gorkinsko-Ometyevsky forest, the territory of the former airport and the Kazan Hippodrome.

Vladimir Spiridonov, deputy director of the “YANAO housing construction Fund”, suggested preserving historical buildings and use of the innovative and strategic approaches. In his opinion, increasing the overall aesthetic standard of the urban space will bring Kazan to a new level.

Tagir Nureyev - General Director of OOO "Zodchestvo" shared his ideas. In his opinion, fences at the city streets can be replaced with plants that not only will decorate the city, but also will improve the ecology.

Following the meeting of the expert council Ilsiyar Tukhvatullina was chosen as the chief architect of the city.

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Applicants for the Kazan chief architect position presented their projects to the mayor of Kazan
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07.10.2019 18:30
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