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01.06.2018, 16:33

Ornithologists will visit swans in the park “Chernoe Ozero” twice a week

Birds will be settled in their house on the lake on June 2.

(KZN.RU, June 1). Tomorrow, two black Australian swans Siegfried and Odiliya will appear in the Kazan park “Chernoe Ozero”. Birds will live in their own house, built on a renovated lake. The building is now being installed on the site of the future dwelling of swans. Ornithologists will regularly visit birds. Recommendations and rules of conduct when dealing with birds will be prepared for the citizens.

The ornithologist will go to the site 2 times a week to check the state of the swans and also provide them with the necessary greens. Black swans prefer lakes and ponds with a shallow depth for a living. The lake in the park meets this requirement, said the experts. In winter, the birds will be moved to heated premises.

The new tenants of the park will be daily fed with special food. Specialists warn that it is forbidden to feed swans with bread, fast food, and any other cooked food. Those who want to feed the birds during the walk will be able to buy portioned vegetables for feeding swans in the coffee shop “Divan”, located on the lakeshore.

Rules of conduct and recommendations for visitors to the park will be installed next to the lake.

The swans were given to the city by the company “KamaStroyInvest”. They will live in their own house on the lake, the architectural design of which passed all the necessary expertise and was built in accordance with all the requirements of such facilities, according to the Directorate of Parks and Squares of Kazan.

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