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Self-isolation of Tatarstan citizens: how to get permission to leave home?

KZN.RU prepared answers to the frequently asked questions about the new regime.

From March 30, a self-isolation regime has been imposed in Tatarstan for all citizens. The day before, the Tatarstan Government defined the procedure for issuance special permits during this period. When and how to use a permission and how to get it? KZN.RU portal has prepared answers to these and other questions.

Who can get a special permission?

The permission is issued to Tatarstan citizens or persons residing in the republic after registration on a specialized service.

How to register?

Send a free SMS to the number 2590 with the text “REGISTRATION#Last name First name # passport number#address of the actual place of residence”. For example: REGISTRATION#Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich#92199632506#Kazan Nigmatullina 5 apartment 9#I Agree to the processing of personal data. When the information is processed, the recipient will receive a SMS with a unique registration code.

Can I go to a bank or doctor's appointment? What should I do if I need to take medicine to an elderly relative? Will I break the self-isolation regime if I go to the countryside?

You can leave home, after receiving a special permission after registering on a specialized service. Send an SMS message with the text “PURPOSE” indicating the number of the life situation to the same number – 2590 –, choosing from the following:

1. court attendance;

2. transportation of children to/from an educational facility;

3. visiting a medical or veterinary facility;

4. funeral;

5. receipt or reissuance of passport;

6. departure to the country house or return from the country house;

7. visiting credit organizations and post offices;

8. delivery of medicines, food and essential goods to disabled relatives, assistance to them;

9. change of place of residence.

After receiving a SMS message with a unique permission code indicating the period of its validity, you can go out.

Is it possible to change the place of self-isolation?

Yes. If you change your place of residence (place of stay), as well as if the departure date of to the country house does not coincide with the return date from the country house, you must re-register.

Do I need a special permission if I walk the dog or take out the garbage? Should I get a permission to go to a grocery store or a pharmacy?

No, in these cases, permission is not required.

What document should I get from the employer if I need to move around the city for work?

The certificate form is approved by the Tatarstan Government.

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