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15.07.2019, 12:02

One-third of the gross territorial product of Kazan accounts for small and medium business.

The share of small businesses in tax revenues of the city budget was 21.1%.

(KZN.RU, July 15, Ksenia Shvetsova). According to the results of the first quarter of the current year, the level of wages in small business in Kazan grew by 13.5%. Today, small and medium-sized businesses account for a third of the gross territorial product of the capital of Tatarstan, said Artur Valiakhmetov, the chairman of the Economic Development Committee, at the Business Monday.

When calculating the level of wages in SMEs, the data of reports of all Kazan entrepreneurs who pay personal income taxes and report on their activities were taken into account, explained A. Valiakhmetov.

There are 64 SME units for a thousand people in the capital of Tatarstan. “According to this indicator, Kazan is the absolute leader in the republic and shares second place with Moscow, closing in on St. Petersburg, where there are 67 SME units per thousand people”, said A. Valiakhmetov. In general, the share of small businesses in tax revenues of the city budget without personal income tax amounted to 21.1%, he added.

The share of small businesses in the city’s economy is increasing from year to year. So, in the gross territorial product (GTP) of Kazan last year, the share of SMEs reached 38.5% with GTP 768.1 billion rubles. “The contribution of small business to the urban economy is becoming more and more noticeable. Today it is one-third of the GTP, one-third of the working population of the city and almost one-fifth of the tax revenues of the city budget”, noted A. Valiakhmetov. “In Strategy-2030, we set ourselves an ambitious task to bring this figure to 50%”. The bulk of small businesses operate in industries such as wholesale and retail trade, construction, real estate operations, and manufacturing, he added.

SMEs make a significant contribution to the city’s economy and need constant support, said Denis Kalinkin, the head of the Executive Committee. “We cannot call the current economic situation flawless. It’s the hardest for small businesses”, he said. “There are certain results. Even in small steps, but we have increased the share of SMEs in the gross territorial product of Kazan to 38.5%. Wages in this sector have grown. But if we want to achieve all the goals, the Committee for Economic Development should be engaged in the daily mode of supporting small and medium-sized businesses”.

Today a program is being developed to support small and medium-sized businesses for 5 years in Kazan. According to it, SMEs can receive financial, property, and information assistance.

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