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26.01.2018, 12:31

The new swimming pool “Raketa” was opened in Kazan

The complex is intended for conducting classes in swimming, basketball, volleyball, futsal, wrestling, and general physical training.

(KZN.RU, January 26, Mikhail Chentsov). The new swimming pool “Raketa” was opened in the Derbykski micro-district in Kazan on Topolevaya Street, №2a. Rustam Minnikhanov, the President of the RT, Julio Maglione, the President of the International Swimming Federation FINA, Vladimir Salnikov, the President of the All-Russian Swimming Federation, Alexey Vlasenko, the President of the Federation of Diving in Russia, the President of the Russian Federation of Synchronized Swimming, the President of the Russian Water Polo Federation, Denis Kalinkin, the head of the Kazan Executive Committee, and others took part in the ceremony.

The swimming pool “Raketa” in Derbyshki was built within the federal program “Development of Physical Culture and Sports in the RF for 2016-2020”. The sports complex “Raketa” is located in a four-story building with an area of 1270 sq. m. There are two baths, a sports hall, a wrestling hall, a gym, a hall for individual classes, 8 locker rooms with shower cabins, administration rooms, medical and technical personnel, security. The complex is intended for conducting training classes in swimming, basketball, volleyball, futsal, wrestling, and general physical training.

A mass attending for the residents of the micro-district will be organized in the basin in addition to lessons for the inmates of the swimming section, created on the basis of the “Raketa”. The capacity of the basin will be almost 600 people per day, and the one-time capacity is 44 people. The name for the pool was chosen with the participation of local residents.

One of the features of the ceremony was videoconference, established with Baltasi, where the opening of the new pool “Dulkyn” took place today. Rustam Minnikhanov greeted the citizens of Kazan and Baltasi and noted the importance of the event. “We open two swimming pools together with the international federation, with the leaders of the water federations of our country. I am sure that all this infrastructure will allow our athletes to show high results. But the most important thing is that now the residents of Derbyshki and Kazan have the opportunity to swim here. We have a short summer so the pools are needed”, said the President of the RT.

Vladimir Salnikov expressed confidence that new sports talents will be found in the “Raketa”. He also noted that colossal work is being done in Tatarstan in this direction. “Now many athletes fr om the RT are part of the national team and successfully perform in international competitions. I am confident that future champions will train in this pool as well”, the 4-time winner of the Olympic Games shared his opinion.

Alexey Vlasenko thanked Rustam Minnikhanov for the huge support of water sports. “Today Kazan is the water capital of Russia. And I think it will soon be the water capital of the world”, he said.

Julio Maglione, one of the main guests of honor of the event, noted the attention given by the regional authorities to the development of sports infrastructure in Tatarstan and its capital. “We held the best World Aquatics Championship in the whole history of FINA here. Today we are witnessing a bright event, the opening of a new pool. However, for me the most important is not even this but the work that the President of the RT is carrying out jointly with the Minister of Sports of the RT for the benefit of your youth, the development of all mankind and sport”, said the President of the International Swimming Federation. He also announced the creation of the Center for the Development of Water Sports in Kazan. “This center will not only help Russian athletes but will also attract athletes from all over the world. Many gratitude to Kazan!” noted J. Maglione.

At the end of the ceremony, Rustam Minnikhanov presented the management of the pool “Raketa” a gift certificate worth 200.000 rubles. “This is for the both pools to work for people who live in these territories. I congratulate you all”, summed up the President. After that, the giving of the symbolic key from the new object took place as well as the inspection of the building by the guests.

The large-scale construction of sports facilities continues in the RT. In total, 8 more swimming pools and 6 gyms will appear in 2018in the district centers in Tatarstan wh ere such facilities were previously absent. The construction of another 86 sports grounds for seven standard projects and 16 ski bases is planned for 2018.

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The opening of the swimming pool "Raketa" in the micro-district Derbyshki
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26.01.2018 11:58
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