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26.03.2020, 17:10

Shopping and entertainment centers will be closed for a week in Tatarstan

Preschools will continue operation from March 28 to April 5.

From March 28, all shopping and entertainment centers will be closed in Tatarstan, except for grocery stores. This was announced today by Leyla Fazleeva, Tatarstan Deputy Prime Minister, at the briefing, which was held at Tatarstan Government House in videoconference.

Shopping centers will be closed until April 5. The closing will be one of the important measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus, L.Fazleeva noted. “The only exceptions are grocery stores and pharmacies, while food courts, entertainment zones and so on – will not operate”, - she said.

For information, the day before, Russian President Vladimir Putin declared the next week non-work, from March 30 to April 5. During this period, citizens of the country are recommended to stay at home, if possible, and avoid crowded places. According to the order of Russian President, the non-work week does not cover medical and pharmacy organizations, as well as organizations engaged in essential goods production. Employees of companies that perform urgent work in emergency situations will continue to work.

“Since there are categories of citizens who will work this week, preschool facilities will not be closed, - L.Fazleeva said. – But only those parents who continue to work can bring up their children to kindergartens”.

Public transport will continue its operation, but the number of vehicles will be reduced, L.Fazleeva reported.

Earlier, Tatarstan adopted a number of preventive measures, L.Fazleeva recalled. In particular, a ban on the use of hookahs as one of the sources of viral infections has been imposed. As of today, Tatarstan has suspended the work of sports centers, swimming pools, gyms, cinemas, night clubs, children's playrooms, children's entertainment centers and other entertainment zones.

Strict restrictive measures apply to restaurants and cafes in the republic that require enhanced disinfection, said Marina Patyashina, head of Tatarstan Department of Russian Agency for Health and consumer rights. “No more than 20 people at the same time. After the visitors, all surfaces should be cleaned with a disinfectant”, - she noted.

Where there is a violation of restrictive measures, the administrative penalties and suspension of operation for up to 90 days will follow.

“A non-work week is not a call for entertainment, it is not a holiday weekend. This is a call for staying at home to preserve health – said L.Fazleeva. – We can all become virus carriers and infect our loved ones. This is a matter of social responsibility – let's follow the rules, and the situation will improve”.

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