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Committee for Tourism Development of Kazan

Daria Sannikova
Director of the Committee for Tourism Development of Kazan
11, Kremlevskaya St., Kazan, 420111
+7 843 292 11 42

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The Committee for Tourism Development of Kazan functions in accordance with the subject and objectives of the work determined by the laws of the Russian Federation, the Republic of Tatarstan and the Charter.

Hotline for tourists: 8-800-350-27-71 (available on weekdays from 9:00 to 18:00).
Questions and answers
  • How many places of accommodation (hotels and hostels) are in Kazan?
    There are 255 places of accommodation (including hostels) in Kazan with 8.2 thousand rooms. All places of accommodation have undergone the official classification.

  • What are most popular touristic objects and museums
    National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan

    The National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan is based on the private collection of Andrei Fedorovich Likhachev (1832-90), well-known archaeologist, historian, collector, as well as exhibits of the 1890 scientific and industrial exhibition. On the three floors of the museum there are scientific, literary and musical exhibits directly related to the history and development of Tatarstan. Here you can see the carriage of Catherine II, on which she drove around the city during her visit to Kazan, the corner of the Tatar philosopher Shigabutdin Mardjani.

    Address: Kazan, 2 Kremlevskaya St. tel.: +7 (843) 292 89 84, 292 87 18

    The «Hermitage-Kazan» Exhibition Center

    The «Hermitage-Kazan» Center is a branch of the State Hermitage Museum (St. Petersburg). There are exhibited works of painting, graphics and arts and crafts, historical and cultural collections. At theme exhibitions to replace each other every six months, one can see exhibits fr om the collection of one of the largest museums in the world, without leaving Kazan.

    Address: Kazan, 2 Kremlevskaya St. tel.:+7 (843) 567 80 32, 567 80 34

    The State Museum of Fine Arts of the Republic of Tatarstan

    One of the largest art collections in Russia was created in 1958 on the basis of the picture gallery of the State Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan. The exposition of the museum includes about 25 thousand paintings, graphics, sculptures, arts and crafts. The museum is located in the beautiful mansion of the beginning of the XX century - the former residence commander of the Kazan military district of General Sandetsky. The mansion, built in 1906 by the architect Amlong, impresses both in appearance and interior decoration.

    Address: Kazan, 64 K.Marx St. tel.:+7(843) 236 69 31

    Museum of Soviet Life

    The Museum of Soviet Life is a unique place where everyone travels to the still distant but forgotten 70s-80s of the 20th century. A great number of attributes helps to understand that a huge multinational country lived there while ago under the proud name of the USSR. The spirit of that time is created by the exhibits, and the rest is the mood of the visitors.

    Address: Kazan, 6 Universitetskaya 6 St. tel.:+7(843) 2925947; +7 9656018188

    Kazan Circus

    The Kazan circus is a "flying saucer", the cosmic silhouette of which has become an integral part of modern urban development, a kind of exotic attribute straight in front of the ancient Kremlin hill.

    The opening of the Kazan Circus building took place on December 9, 1967.

    Address: Kazan, Millennium Sq. tel. :+7 (843) 292 48 54

    New unboring Kazan museum «Tatar Bistese»

    At the present time there is a museum "Tatar Bistese" located in a historical center of Kazan, Old -Tatar settlement . The ticket price includes: an hourly guided tour of 5 halls with unique interiors, a lot of antique furniture and dishes, restored historical sleigh "Barabus", objects of Tatar life that can be touched and tested, three-dimensional models of buildings, a test of knowledge of the history of Kazan, and in the end - a hot Tatar tea with national sweets along with a virtual grandmother.

    Address: Kazan,38 K.Nasyiry St. tel. +7 9600480428

    Riviera Water Park - everything for fun on the water

    One of the largest water parks on the planet - the Riviera water park - works whole year. Aquapark is a comfortable depth of pools, safe floors, sea waves, a variety of entertainment (more than 50 attractions), "Pirate Fort" and slides for kids.

    Address: 1 Amirhana Av.

    Ferris wheel «Around the World»

    It is part of the "Kazan Riviera". You can enjoy a 65 meter high Ferris wheel a magnificent view of the city which is observed from a bird's eye view. The attraction is open all year round, as all 36 passenger cabins are glazed and equipped with air conditioning and air heating. Each of the booths is dedicated to most of the great cities of the world, such as Paris, London, Rome, Moscow.

    Address: 1 Amirhana Av. tel.+7 (843) 526 57 57

    The Chack-Chack Museum

    Despite the crucial fact that it can be touched, watched and even eat, chak-chak is an intangible heritage of the Tatars. The museum has collected everything related to this sweetness: culture, traditions, rituals, household items and clothing, mythology and much more. Here you will learn the secrets of preparing the chak-chak, discover a lot of new things in the usual, seemingly, things. They say that a Tatar can not eat, but tea will certainly drink! And we will have you drinking aromatic tea from a samovar, try chak-chak, baursak, tatar pastille, as well as an old forgotten dish that has been prepared for you.

    Address: 18 Paris Commune St. tel. +7(843) 239 22 31

    The Exhibition and Entertainment Complex City Panorama

    Center invites you to make a fascinating journey into the 1000-year history of Kazan from the moment of its foundation until today. The key information about Kazan is presented in a contemporary way: with the benefit of an electronic tablet with an audio guide (in Russian, Tatar, English, Chinese), the visitor passes through a 4-flour complex, getting acquainted with the cultural and spiritual life of the city of different epochs, with important historical events, which occurred in ancient times - unexpected discoveries and vivid impressions are guaranteed to all.

    In the "City Panorama" complex you may also find a cafe, stylized in the form of a tramcar with original mechanisms and ticket punch for study and entertainment! Many interesting things can be found in the souvenir shop.

    Address: Kazan, 7 Dzerzhinskyi St. tel. +7 (843) 292 40 52

  • What theaters to visit in Kazan?
    Tatar State Opera & Ballet Theatre named after Musa Jalil

    The date theater opening is 1938. At the beginning of its history, the theater accepted only opera performances on the stage. Since 1941 it has been transformed into a theater of opera and ballet, and since 1956 it was named after the famous Tatar poet Musa Jalil. The theater played an important role in the formation of the national performing school and the development of musical and scenic genres of Tatar music. About 40 operas, ballets and musical comedies of Tatar composers were performed on his stage. The repertoire of the theater includes classical works of domestic and foreign composers.

    Address: 2 Svobody Sq., tel.+7 (843) 231-57-10

    Tatar State Academic Theatre named after G. Kamal

    Over the 108-year history G. Kamal Theater has become one of the best national theaters in Russia and has gained a great success not only across the country but also abroad. The theater puts into practice a close, open and emotional relationship between the audience and the actors

    Address: Kazan, Tatarstan St.,

    Phone: +7 (843) 293-03-74, 291-00-99, 292-42-16, 238-19-55

    Official website:  http://www.kamalteatr.ru/

    Tatar State Puppet Theatre «Ekiyat»

    The Tatar State Puppet Theater "Ekiyat" was founded in 1934 and is one of the leading puppet theaters of the Russian Federation. The repertoire of the theater comprises more than 40 puppet plays based on the tales of the world’s various nations including historical and contemporary puppet shows. Dolls of various styles and forms (fr om classic to modern style) are used in the puppet plays. Since 1974 the theater has become a member of the International Organization of Puppet Theaters - UNIMA.

    Address: Kazan, Peterburgskaya St., 57

    Phone: +7 (843) 237-70-09, 237-70-20

    Official website: www.puppet-show.ru/

    Kazan Academic Russian Drama Theatre named after V.I. Kachalov

    The theatre is one of the oldest playhouses in Kazan. In 1948 the theater was named after the People's Artist of the USSR Vasily Ivanovich Kachalov who actually began his creative career in this place. The ceremonial unveiling of a monument to Vasily Ivanovich Kachalov in the foyer-atrium of the theater took place in 2005.

    Address: Kazan, Baumana St., 48,

    Phone: +7 (843) 292-34-83, 292-37-51, 292-18-69, 292-35-32

    Official website: www.teatrkachalov.ru

    Kazan State Theater for the Young

    The first performance in Kazan State Theater for the Young Audiences called "Rovesniki" (Peers) was held on November 30, 1932. This day is considered to be the Theater’s birthday. A wealth of experience has been gained by the theatre over the years; a lot of talented actors took on the roles in prominent plays represented by well-known stage directors under its curtains. The theater was always famous for its highprofile stage directing.

    Address: Kazan, Ostrovskogo St., 10.

    Phone:+7 (843) 292-18-75

    Official website: www.kazan-tuz.ru

    Creative Development Studio of Konstantin Khabensky

    The Studio organized by Konstantin Khabensky in Kazan was granted the citywide status in 2013. Nowadays the Studio involves 350 students from 2 to 11 classes as well as popular Kazan actors, directors and Kazan Theater School teachers. The students are thoroughly pre-qualified to pass the creative selection. Visiting various theatres and exhibitions, participating in master classes and creative laboratories, compiling photo albums, making video-rollers are the necessary components of the studio's life wh ere the cooperation with children’s parents is the circumstance of no small importance. Kazan Studio for Creative Development is a permanent participant in various cultural events held in the capital of Tatarstan. So, the Studio took part in "AksenovFest" festival, the city project "Literary Yard", the mobile theater "Fairy Tales in the City", the marathon "The Children of Tatarstan in the Great Land of Bulgars" and many others.

    Address: Ekiyat Theatre, Kazan, Peterburgskaya St., 57

     Kazan Сhamber Theatre “SDVIG”

    The little theatre has covered a long way of its development from the Students’ Theatre of Variety Miniatures (STEM) on out to Kazan Сhamber Theatre. Between 1994 and 2008 the theatre cast successfully appeared on the stage of various student festivals. In 2009 the little theatre made his debut with the military drama "Privates". The play has become the first step on the way to creating a professional theater. Seven plays of different genres were successfully staged between 2009 and 2014 at various venues of the city. In 2014 the theater staff organized the summer festival of street performance "Cultural shift" which has become a good tradition: ever since the festival takes place every year in the streets of Kazan. At present the theater’s repertoire comprises the plays of different genres, various styles and levels of understanding. The theatre’s creative team strives to thoroughly scrutinize the concept of "Human value" in each new play and project striving to prove it by the style of life. It was the artistic conception of human value that provided the basis for the general idea of ​​the theater.


    Address: Kazan, Burkhan Shakhidi St., 7

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