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22.03.2021, 12:46
Parents posted almost 7 thousand comments in the electronic journal, of which 97.5% – positive reviews.
19.03.2021, 14:26
The Mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin visited the competitions of the strongest epee fencers at the Kazan Expo Center.
18.03.2021, 13:19
At the start of the project, free testing is carried out in six sports: athletics, swimming, cross-country skiing, wrestling, judo and boxing.
17.03.2021, 13:40
Two sewerage collectors have already been switched to the new pumping station, and five more collectors to be switched by the end of the year.
16.03.2021, 14:05
The prize money of Top Sprint is 200 thousand rubles.
16.03.2021, 11:51
This year, 15 kindergartens for 2,500 children will open after the renovation.
15.03.2021, 12:09
The number of vacancies exceeds the number of registered unemployed citizens.
15.03.2021, 10:45
The parental fee will be only 15% of the price – 190 rubles.
12.03.2021, 15:44
The competitions will be held on March 13 at the Lokomotiv stadium.
12.03.2021, 14:52
Passengers will receive headphones, while the view outside the window will become a scenery.