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30.08.2019, 07:00

I. Metshin: “The achievements of the city are the merit of its residents who create the foundation for the development of Kazan”

The Mayor of the capital of the RT congratulated residents on the Day of the RT and City Day.

(KZN.RU, August 30). Ilsur Metshin, the Mayor of Kazan, congratulated residents on the Day of the RT and City Day of Kazan.

“Dear Kazan citizens!

With all my heart, I congratulate you on the Day of the Republic of Tatarstan and City Day of Kazan!

We are all lucky to live and work in one of the most developed regions of our country. Tatarstan makes a worthy contribution to the prosperity of Russia and confidently takes a leading position in political stability, a high level of economic growth, industry and the implementation of social programs.

The capital of Tatarstan is a city of amazing fate, combining a thousand-year history and modernity. Today Kazan is a center of education, medicine, culture, art, sports, and tourism. Every year we host international events. Last year, bright matches of the unforgettable World Cup were held in the city. This summer, we successfully held the WorldSkills Championships.

Achievements of the city are, of course, the merit of all its residents who create a solid foundation for the further development and the prosperity of Kazan through their labor.

On this beautiful day, I wish you health, peace, kindness, and the implementation of your plans!

Happy holiday, beloved city!” says the greeting.

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