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28.12.2020, 12:53

I.Metshin: “We continued to develop and close the year with good results”

The more active the growth, the more residents expect from the authorities, the Mayor of Kazan supposes.

Kazan continues to maintain a leading position among Russian municipalities and cities in terms of urban development and implementation of social programs, and has authority in the international community. Nevertheless, the more active the growth, the more residents expect from the authorities, said Ilsur Metshin, the Mayor of the Tatarstan capital. “We have all experienced this formula of life, it is not the first year of work in the municipality. The more achievements we have, the more expectations Kazan residents have”, - the Mayor said.

At the last Business Monday meeting of the year, Ilsur Metshin summed up the results of the work on the New Year’s Eve. The parks and squares of the city are festively decorated, all 65 New Year’s festive sites are opened. There are 18 ice rinks, 8 illuminated ski slopes.

“There is everything for celebrating the New Year. Despite the challenges caused by the pandemic and the economic situation, we have tried to decorate Kazan for a New Year's mood. In addition, Father Frost brought a beautiful snow this weekend, it is good that it was on Saturday and Sunday. It helps to create a holiday mood. And for the villagers, precipitation at any time of the year is the key to a good harvest”, - I.Metshin said.

As the Mayor emphasized, during the holidays, the issues of organizing the work of the urban management is of vital importance. “For us, this is strengthening the work, pressure on public utilities. But, of course, the key issue is safety”, - the Mayor said.

“We will sum up the results of the year in February, having previously reported to the residents. Now we can say that the year was eventful and constructive, despite the challenges that experienced the whole world. We continued to develop – we built a lot, we were able to implement many things. The main thing is that we coped with these challenges. We are closing the year with good results. So that we can learn to live with new challenges, so that Kazan, Tatarstan, and our country continue their peaceful and creative development, we want peace in the world. We hope that the next year will be fruitful, constructive, successful and peaceful for our capital”, - Ilsur Metshin concluded.

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Business Monday, 28.12.2020
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28.12.2020 11:53
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