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08.05.2019, 13:02

A pedestrian crossing over the railroad on the Ometievo-Derbyshki railway opened in Kazan

The facility will provide a safe passage through the railway from 8 Marta Street to the Republican Oncologic Dispensary.

(KZN.RU, May 8, Ksenia Shvetsova). Today, a pedestrian crossing through the railroad tracks on the Ometievo-Derbyshki line has opened In Kazan. The new facility will provide a safe passage from 8 Marta Street to the Republican Oncology Center, said Ilsur Metshin, the Mayor of Kazan, at the opening ceremony. The head of the city examined the transition and thanked the contractors for the high quality of work.

This is the first transition in the capital of Tatarstan, built using advanced technology with the arrangement of a warm elevator shaft so that it will be accessible to people with limited mobility all year round. Paved walkways were laid to the staircase, sites for people with limited mobility were set.

“This new infrastructure facility will provide a safe passage to thousands of people who have been endangered for decades, crossing a railway line in such a busy place. On behalf of all Kazan residents, I thank the leadership of the republic, the President and railway workers for their support in this project”, said Ilsur Metshin, the Mayor of Kazan, and congratulated everyone on the upcoming Victory Day.

“Today is a joyful day for railway workers. In the morning, the renewed memorial complex of the Walk of Fame opened in Yudino, and now this is an important and long-awaited crossing for Kazan citizens”, said Anatoly Lesun, the head of the Gorky Railway. “In the future, the organization of a ring movement is planned here, and the crossing will always be in demand”.

During the construction of the crossing, special attention was paid to people with limited mobility and people with disabilities, said Lenar Safin, the minister of Transport and Road Management of the RT. Thus, for the convenience of moving visually impaired pedestrians, the installation of tactile-relief land signs is provided. A lifting platform for people with limited mobility, equipped with a dispatch system, installed on each side of the pedestrian crossing. The dispatching complex allows ensuring the transfer of information in emergency situations. The design also provides ventilation bars for natural ventilation of the internal space.

“The construction of the crossing was completed fairly quickly, in about 8 months. But this crossing is different from the others in our city”, said Rinat Mukhiyanov, the general director of the contract company AO “Mosty Respubliki Tatarstan”. “Unlike other crossings, a warm shaft for the lift is used here, so the elevator will work even in winter. Other crossings do not have this function, so elevators do not work at minus temperatures. This is the first such crossing in Kazan”. The crossing is equipped with a video surveillance system. The cameras are installed both inside and around the perimeter of the building, he added.

The Mayor of Kazan and the Minister of Transport assessed the quality of work, first of all going over to the other side. Immediately after this, the citizens began to actively use the crossings.

“The need for this crossing has arisen a long time ago. The approaching paths to the oncologic dispensary were only from two sides: from the side of 8 Marta Street and the Veterinary Academy. Therefore, there were dangerous situations”, said Rifat Kurtasanov, the deputy head doctor for the medical unit of the Republican Oncologic Dispensary. “Sick people are very susceptible to emotional and negative situations. Creating safer and more comfortable conditions is a contribution to their positive attitude and recovery”.

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A pedestrian crossing from 8 Marta Street to the oncologic dispensary opened in Kazan
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08.05.2019 11:46
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