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07.02.2019, 10:40

Residents and guests of Kazan will be able to see Musa Jalil's “Moabit Notebooks”

The admission to the event, dedicated to the 113th birth anniversary of the Tatar poet, is free.

(KZN.RU, February 7). Kazan citizens could see the historical monument, Musa Jalil's “Moabit Notebooks”, in the National Museum of the RT on February 15. The solemn showing of the Tatar poet’s manuscripts is timed to the 113th anniversary of his birth.

The immortal “Moabit Notebooks” were written by the poet in fascist dungeons. The manuscripts of the poems created by the poet in the Moabit prison in Berlin have miraculously survived to our days. Now they are one of the most valuable exhibits of the museum. On February 15, residents and guests of Kazan will get a unique opportunity to see them live on the “Day of the Original” in the National Museum.

This year, the honorable right to carry out the Moabit Notebooks was granted to Artem Piskunov, the leading actor of the State Theater of Drama and Comedy named after Tinchurin, the winner of the Republican Jalil Prize. On this day, M. Jalil's verses will be performed by the winners of the I International Literary Contest “Jalil Readings”.

To the “Day of the Original”, a mini-exhibition “Hero does not die” will take place in the museum. Relics from the museum collection will be presented there.

The admission to the event is free, according to the National Museum of the RT.

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